Mindfulness = Key

What a perfect week to discuss mindfulness! I thoroughly enjoyed class this week. My biggest takeaways was the problems and issues of globalization and most importantly mindfulness! To start off, we were to read and answer questions regarding a different argument for or against globalization. Before reading the article, I never really heard or knew about globalization. My article was the yes argument. I respected that the author addressed and acknowledged the arguments against globalization. I try to stay open minded and listen to both sides of the issue in regards to anything. One point the author made for globalization kind of questioned whether or not this is actually true. They said that globalization although it does raise pollution levels, over time income will increase in smaller countries and this money can be used to help combat high pollution levels. While this does seem like a great idea, it really isn’t. The issue I see with this concept is that while it helps generate income for smaller countries, we can’t 100% guarantee that they will use the income they have to go towards fixing the environmental issues that were developed because of their partnership with globalization. Most of the time, a lot of these environmental issues are too far gone and irreversible. Once an issue arises, action needs to be taken fairly soon to lower the impact and stop it from becoming irreversible. In most places, including the US, environmental issues and global warming are not a priority. I think this is because wherever we live we do not really see a lot of change or issues arising. But years from now we will and then it will be too late. When we broke up into groups, it was a little challenging. The material was challenging to fully understand and comprehend. For my group, only two of us had read the required material, so i did not get much info for the other article that was against globalization. When we came back as a whole class, I think I started to fully understand the concept of globalization more and loved hearing others discuss it. I was not really surprised to hear that every group did not think globalization was sustainable. I think our age group is more passionate about environmental issues because we know that we will have to deal with the consequences later on, so we want to take action and find ways how we can help fix some issues. While most of those issues are wicked problems, anything helps. What do you think of globalization?

And for my final thought it is about  mindfulness! I felt this was a much needed discussion especially this year, and even this week. I think especially for students, this year has been so tough. Having just the time to have someone sit with us and give us some methods to process our thoughts and relax. I personally have been using one of the meditation methods we learned in class this week. It has made me feel more relaxed and feel at ease. For someone who does get stressed quite often, meditation is great for that. I learned that I subconsciously already knew about mindfulness. I think for now on I will definitely use some mindfulness methods and meditation to help my stress and keep my thoughts positive. What do you do to help your mindfulness?

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