Rant 2 the Electronic Boogaloo

5 minutes of silence are difficult to find in a day. If you can find it it is worth taking a moment to do inventory. I had such an opportunity here recently. I got on the ground with both knees and sat back onto calves. Making sure I assumed a vertical torso I closed my eyes and began to breath as deeply tnto my body as possible. I started my mental preparation by focusing on my breathe. Thinking only of the feeling of air entering through my nose and filling deep into waistline up through my chest. Then, I let the pressure out and once I reached equilibrium I forced to last bit out and bestarted over. This continued for about 2 minutes. Once I no longer had to think about the breathing itself I listened for the box fan in my room. After hearing if buzz for a few moments I focused on what I smelled. After a few moments I then felt the coldness of the room then I took a deep breath. 

After this I organized my thoughts. I have a hard time conveying this through words. Not because my mind so complex it defies language but because I’m to simple to express it. So, I visualize my thoughts into a location I’m familiar with. For this week I was at a desk that I’d set at when I was younger. I ruminated on this topic for a while. I had many novel ideas and things I hope you enjoy.

As of late I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties which have prevented my full participation in class activities. This has left me to think past just the classroom conversation. However, being a person who followed politics for quite a while I have thought on the subject of globalization more than I have needed to. 

Sustainability is always an issue that comes up in this discussion. Often what is brought up in terms of global capitalism or more precisely the consumerism seen in the first world. While I believe that capitalism is the most moral of the economic system but you cannot derive morals from it. This is the issue with any argument done simply from a view of economics.

The issue of globalization must be looked at practically and philosophically. Practically globalization makes sense and is good so long as classical morass are obeyed. Most of the issues we see come from an abandonment of physical reality for the sake of an ideal. When what ought be done is a veneration of certain moral traditions. We cast aside ancient wisdom because we believe that the IPhone has evolved us past the simple fact that different people in different parts of the world behave differently.

We are sculpted by our environments and our environments are sculpted by us. We hold dominion over the Earth, but we pretend as if it is not a great garden. A living system to be managed for the sake of our own survival. Instead of tending to the gardens we tend our pride, gluttony, and envy. We ask our lands to be kept and beautiful our trash to be made cheep. So, we ship off to places who do not hold our values for life or beauty. We allow our ideals to destroy reality.

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