scared to be aware

When I hear the word mindfulness, I think of just being aware of what is going on around you, I’ve never thought about mindfulness as being aware of what is within you. I think this semester has been so difficult for me because my mind and being has been so over stimulated. This year is so much more than just unprecedented, and I have to remind myself that many of the events within this year will be talked about in history books one day. No wonder I can’t focus on anything. I’ve been doing my own research and going out of my way to find things that will relax me. Meditating or being mindful is a skill that I’ve always been curious about and have actually been meaning to look into. While we were all in our separate locations, eyes closed, becoming aware, I realized why meditating is something so many people live by. I felt the world kind of slow down for a little bit… hearing… sensing… and smelling the world around me. Becoming aware of not only the environment around me, but my own thoughts, feelings, and sensations that I had been ignoring. In some way, I became invisible, and was almost inexistent, a mere observer of what was happening around me. I’ve always wanted to meditate, but something has always stopped me from actually doing it, and maybe it’s because I’m afraid of what I will observe when I am being mindful of myself.

In class we were asked to read 2 articles, one advocating for globalism, and the other not. I had a really hard time wrapping my brain around this issue. The idea that globalism is or is not bad for the environment. To me, all human manipulation and consumption of the Earth’s resources is in most ways ‘bad’ for the environment. I feel like a better way to look at it is how bad is globalization for the environment and is it more or less bad than the existing system. While reading about the YES article, I continued to have a difficult time understanding all the different aspects and research that had gone into this author writing. This is a big issue, therefore, there are many different factors to take into consideration. I over-all do believe that globalization is bad for the environment. The consumer culture we have nurtured in the United States is exactly that, a culture that is continually consuming the Earth’s resources. It seems to me, that it is up to law makers, and corporations to ensure that within this process the environment can be sustained, which is as we know, not currently happening.

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