Technology or Natural Resources?

  1. Some of the major takeaways from the recent course topic would be examples about mindfulness. Even though we didn’t go over it as much as we wanted I learned a lot about it. Honestly I didn’t know one thing about mindfulness, the certain aspects of mindfulness, or the practice of mindfulness. Some examples I found on my internet search that I found interesting were to focus on my breathing which sort of gets the mind off of other things. Another instance is paying attention to your inner or outer experiences. The last fascinating point was to live in the moment, mindfulness is all about staying aware of everything around you. 

Another topic we went over was paradigms, on my side I read “The Rise and Fall of Consumer Cultures”. We went over the Dominant Social Paradigm which is where basically humans believe they’re better than anything else in the world. The NO side of things were people who believed in shared consumption, an example is like transportation. They found with public transportation instead of everyone having their own cars, there would be less fossil fuels, minerals, and metals being used. This would help decrease pollution and deaths from accidents every year. One of the best points used in this article was “All in all, the world extracts the equivalent of 112 Empire State Buildings from the earth every single day”. So by sharing resources, we can decrease the amount we use tremendously. Another great point was the “fact that population is projected to grow by another 2.3 billion by 2050”. People need to start changing things now or we will be way too overpopulated for resources we don’t have. 

  1. My interaction with the learning community during class has been great. I loved talking to the YES side of things to see what they read about and how different they thought about it by everything being privately owned. I would have to say though something I took from them was that it seemed like their side was more technologically based while ours was more nature based. Another point from the YES side was that they were a “smart enough globalization that could lift people out of poverty sharing technologies.” Although I don’t agree with everything it was still so interesting to listen to others that had great points while we still had to come to an agreement about the topic.  
  1. What I really liked about this course was the meditation we did, I’ve done it a few times since then, I had a huge project for my design class due on Wednesday and was super behind. I sat in my bed, turned the light off and just took five to ten minutes to myself to calm down and regroup myself to finish the project. I’ve struggled with anxiety since I was little. Some days I would get it and not even know why. I didn’t have anything to worry about but I always thought I was forgetting something or sometimes just felt really lost. Mindfulness helps reduce stress and shows the proper way to respond to a situation that you’re in. 
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