Thoughts on mindfulness and globalization

              I really enjoyed class this week! The biggest takeaway for me was the whole class discussion over mindfulness. Honestly, I never thought about mindfulness as something so deep and I definitely didn’t know that it could have any connection to sustainability. I feel inspired to take more time for myself and to enjoy nature so that I am more conscious of what I am doing to the environment on a daily basis. Hearing my classmates’ ideas about mindfulness was really interesting because I found that I can relate to multiple people’s thoughts and reactions when it comes to being stressed out – it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who decides to do anything BUT the thing that I actually need to do when I feel stressed! Another takeaway from this week was the reading assignment over globalization and its impact on the environment.

              I also learned so much in both the class discussion and my breakout room discussion this week. I was given the YES side of the argument over globalization and its impact on the environment. I highlighted as I read and tried my best to really understand it, but it was still a little difficult to fully grasp all the ideas that were presented. However, after having the discussion in class I felt much more confident about what I had read, and it was also super interesting to hear about the opposing side of the argument and get to decide which one I sided with more. I definitely feel that globalization does not have a positive impact on the environment in the way that the yes argument suggested. The people in my small group discussion that read the NO argument explained that the author said that rather than focusing on progressing, we should instead reverse what we are doing and live more like people did when the environment was healthier and cleaner and not at risk. I agree and feel that it doesn’t make sense to continue doing the things that have already damaged the earth. Instead, we should backtrack in order to preserve what we have left. Without having the group discussion, I probably would’ve easily believed and been content with the yes argument because it seemed that the author knew what they were talking about and I didn’t know any better. However, the discussion with my classmates allowed me to learn more about both sides so that I could form my own opinion on the subject.

              This week, we were advised to practice mindfulness on our own time. I decided to do this through taking a walk at boomer lake without listening to music or being on my phone. I’ve walked/ran boomer many times, but always with music playing loudly through my headphones or while talking on the phone with a friend. Without these distractions on my walk this week, I felt so much more in touch with nature and I was able to take time to think and talk with myself about things that have been on my mind. It was so nice to have some alone time and to appreciate the nature around me that I so often take for granted!

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