Through the Looking Glass

This past week in class we discussed the topic of mindfulness, along with paradigms, which were interesting to study closely together. I appreciated the contrast, considering how much mindfulness is being completely aware and paradigms are sort of a concept we come up with to see things how we want in life. I related to this weeks topic very much, as I am a huge over-thinker and I am super analytical, so I definitely struggle with the concept of mindfulness. I definitely related to method of just pushing things out of your mind whenever you get stressed, (out of sight out of mind, right?), because I am also a huge procrastinator.

Throughout the lecture, the biggest thing I took away was getting that time for yourself. I am definitely not the best at trying to de-stress or setting aside time for myself. I am constantly on the go or making lists of what needs to be done so I never really take the time. It has never occurred to me before this though, because my life has always been super fast-paced, no time for any breaks. After the lecture, I looked back at things and researched on my own a little bit to see what I could do to become more mindful in life. A few of them I realized I already did in my day to day life, I just wasn’t acknowledging them as mindful actions. A few examples are pointing and flexing your feet, getting outside, and really listening to a piece of music.

Something I found interesting after continuing to do research, is that like I mentioned before paradigms are basically a just concept we make up in order to see things the way we want. Almost like blinders for horses. We block out anything we think is unnecessary or important at the time. But, I believe mindfulness can actually turn into a paradigm if handled certain ways. Just like my out of sight out of mind example. That is definitely not a great way to be mindful, but it’s the easiest thing for me because my brain is constantly going. So, yes it is a way many people deal with their stress in life, but at the same time it creates this utopia of everything is fine. You continue onto other things as if that problem doesn’t really exist anymore. If you are not truly becoming aware of what is going on internally and externally, then it’s crazy how the two can almost overlap.

The assignment for this week was to take 5 minutes of time for yourself and use it for mindfulness practice. I sometimes try to take a few minutes before I go to bed to just go through my social media but that is it. This week I made some herbal tea and turned on my twinkle lights that I have and really just tried to relax and make some time for myself! It was really nice and afterwards I felt a lot less stressed about things!

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