My Journey To Mindfulness

It is hard to seek peace and quiet in a world that is constantly buzzing with activity. Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to simply settle down with your own thoughts and simply take in the presence of everything. Everyone is constantly in need of doing something, as the social construct of our society is that if you’re not doing something productive with your time, then it’s simply a waste. Of course, I fall victim to this like many others. I can never seem to calm my raging mind or spend moments in pure peace and quiet without feeling antsy or uncomfortable. Of course, that was the focus of this week, simply finding yourself in a state of absolute awareness, also known as mindfulness. I wouldn’t consider myself to be a mindful person in any way, shape, or form. In fact, I often zone out into my own thoughts while I’m walking, driving, or eating, especially when I have nothing direct to focus on or it’s a constant routine. I personally find it relaxing in it’s own way. 

This past class, only being one due to the ice storm, has opened my eyes to the idea of mindfulness. To be able to just sit down and take that moment to be aware of and absorb everything around you in the present time. Just writing that sentence was overwhelming to me, as well as the thought of having to be aware of everything in my surroundings, but that is simply a challenge I want to overcome. I want to stop being uncomfortable in the present and to stop constantly dwelling on the future or dwelling on the past. Right now, I find it difficult to sit in a room with nothing but my thoughts, focusing on my surroundings and conscious of my surroundings, but I know that will change if I continue to exercise this practice. 

Of course, due to the lack of one of our classes due to unchangeable events, our last meeting was quite packed with information. I find it hard to discuss my major takeaways on the second topic because of this. I could continue discussing mindfulness, but we also had a reading that involved globalization and sustainability. To put it simply, I believe that if we want to continue our way of life while also being sustainable to the environment, then we must be extremely, extremely, creative. We need to seek new and different technologies and create them with the earth in mind. It would be difficult, but I imagine it can be done if we take the right accounts into hand. This is the biggest thing I can take away from our second topic of the last class.

Lastly, I will talk about my mindfulness activity. I didn’t want to do anything too major in the beginning since I’m already uncomfortable being in the present, so I decided to start with simply breathing exercises. Something to help calm my mind and slowly take in my surroundings and be aware of what is happening. This actually helped me to find some sort of… serenity throughout the week, especially since it has been rather hectic due to missing almost a week or a full week of classes. As I continue with these exercises, I want to incorporate more, but for now, I think I will continue with the breathing to become more comfortable in my surroundings and to help my overwhelmed senses become used to being in the present.

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