Sustainability and Mindfulness!

This weeks topic was very eye opening for me. I got the “NO” article and reading the article gave me a big change in perspective. I did not realize how much people world wide actually spend on consumer goods a year. Although the article was done years ago, it made me realize that in recent years that number had most likely jumped p double what it was. I know that in my life, I do spend a lot of money on things that might be trending or the latest IPhone. I do not need those thing but get wrapped up in society telling me I do. I always feel the pressure of modern society to get the best of things as if its part of the culture. The “NO” article was very information with the statistics shown in previous situations within the cultural norm of consumerism. I enjoy seeing number because numbers never lie, so seeing the numbers of what people spend was crazy to me! I never expected that amount of a yearly rate.

Mindfulness is another topic we covered this week. I never thought about mindfulness until this discussion, but I did notice as we talked that I did practice some of it without realizing. I do a lot of breathing when I feel overwhelmed or stressed, I will stop and take a 5 minute break to take deep breaths. Mindfulness can help with reduce stress and help control anxiety. Many people use meditation to help them remain calm and collected throughout their working days. Being connected to the things that make you worried is very important when trying to overcome those anxieties. Instead of pushing them down until you explode with emotion, taking a couple minutes to acknowledge your troubles will allow you to not have a breakdown because you have not ignored the problems. Many people, including myself, have had to learn to not shove your problems down and to actually try to fix the problem when it arises, or had to learn when to step away from your work when you begin getting overwhelmed. I never realized until the discussion of mindfulness, that my dog was helping me when I would get overwhelmed in my work. If i began to stress or get flustered, my dog will whine so I can take him out, which gives me a break from my work and allows me time to breathe and become relaxed again. My dog has always been one to keep my emotions under control so I do not have breakdowns. I have realized that mindfulness is very important in everyday life. Jobs, school, kids, and people can drive you to feel like you are going crazy and flustered, but different mindfulness exercises can help you regain control of your sanity. MIndfulness should be a practice that is taught in schools so that students do not get burned out or adults do not feel so much stress at jobs. Being mindful of your emotions and problems is a great way to overcome objectives in life.

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