Sustainability, wicked problems and mindfulness

Wicked problems as we defined it in our last blog, they are the problem hard to solve and very difficult , and complex. There are a lot of wicked problems and they are effecting the environment and sustainability in very bad way. In our last class we have discussed all of the wicked problems but the week after which was last Tuesday we have discussed and talk about some specific points about sustainability and wicked problems. Water pollution, air pollution , and climate change. Wicked problems are unique , there is no solutions for them and if there it will take long time to be solved, they will never be completely solved and most of people and countries are suffered from it. They are socially complex and difficult to define.  I have did some researches and readings about wicked problems and I found that poverty, health care, income disparity and obesity are also wicked problems but in our class we just focused in environmental wicked problems such as water pollution, air pollution and climate change. That’s are the most problems which affect the environment. Killing animals planets and deforestation are produce a bad effects. All of that could impact people’s health. We have an assignment about reading western values and I was with NO team. From this reading I have known that growing human population is the first and main reason for affecting the sustainability. As much as human population are growing they will consume a high percentage than the regular percentage of everything like water, air , environment and technology.  People have to know how to consume everything in a good amount and percentage to keep the environment healthy to live on. Using cars in profusion will affect the environment, people can reduce the risk by using buses in stead of their cars. People are looking and searching for solutions to solve wicked problems, but no one can solve them even the competent authorities ,they are the one who can solve all of wicked problems. I think they have to put a strict rules to let people follow them to keep the environment safe and healthy and to get rid of all risks. While I am doing the research about wicked problems I have found that there is something called super wicked problems and this is different than the normal wicked problems , they are more complex and hard to solve and climate change is one of super wicked problem examples, because it has a huge impact on the environment and it causes and produce  a lot of things. We have did a mindfulness practice in our class. Its really an exciting exercise, it helps me think deeply about the topic. We have to close our eyes and feel the moment with our selves , breathing well and relax our body and mind. That  will of course reduce the stress in our body. That just takes minutes from us but it work very well. I have seen the result and feeling them. I advice everyone to try the mindfulness practice and activity to get rid from all of the stresses from their body. That will let you think well and analyze your thoughts.

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