So Far

Honestly, this class wasn’t anything that I was expecting, nonetheless, it has become interesting, and it has made me think about things I normally wouldn’t think about. The first week, I wasn’t intrigued I just told myself to make it through the class so that I could get my credit and move on. The following week when we read about Easter Island, I really became interested; I enjoyed the reading, what I learned from reading it, and the parallels between our society and theirs. From then, I became more curious and the discussions in class and the readings we were assigned helped me understand our world a little more. What I’ve really learned from this topic would be that there’s a large gap between people who want better and people who want everyone to have better. What I mean by that is, one of the six characteristics discusses stakeholders, and majority of them are the people who don’t see unnecessary waste, or deforestation, or carbon emission, etc., as a problem while there are other people who see the issue, understand how it affects not only them as an individual but affects other people, and most importantly, our environment. This helped me understand on another level, how humans are selfish by instinct. I don’t mean this in a negative way at all, however, we’re taught to go after everything we want in life, to make great lives for ourselves. If we become a more sustainable environment, it will affect our pride and our greed as a nation. This country was built on capitalism and sustainability will change that greatly by limiting our supply, getting us to become more creative, and forcing us to share which is not what most people are prepared for or want. Learning this topic during this class, has made become more self-aware. I’ve started to think about what I’m doing to cause harm to the environment and what are things that I could possibly do better for next generations.  

Regarding mindfulness, this week we were asked to do 10 minutes of mindfulness. I’ve had quite a bit of homework this week, so I incorporated my mindfulness while I did my assignments. I usually do my homework with friends and I prefer to have some noise in the background to help me focus and because of this, I did the opposite. I went to the library during the evening, away from my friends and on the second floor where it’s quiet. I wrote out all the assignments I needed to complete, and I worked in silence. At first it was difficult, I found myself becoming a little antsy and finding things to distract myself, but I readjusted a few times and I finally focused. Surprisingly, I was able to get most of my week’s work done and I felt good about it. I’m starting to realize that it’s okay to do things alone because I won’t always have people around me. Mindfulness has helped me focus my energy on more important things and has taught me to look at the positives instead of the negatives.

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