This week’s mindfulness topic was very new and interesting to me. Doing the pre discussion assignment I was confused a little on the topics, I felt as though the writer did not communicate the argument he was trying to convince his readers clearly. The article seemed a little unorganized and I knew I was reading the YES side of the argument but while reading it I felt as though I was reading the NO article as well. Talking about it in class and having my professor verbally speak about it helped me much more to understand the differences in the argument. And hearing my peers feedback and input on both sides of the argument helped a lot and pushed me to engage more in the conversation and communicate to others how I felt as well. The topic itself I believe can be very controversial and have many details and different sides to the argument to tell which is the right or correct side of the two. In class we discussed a lot about the YES side and I felt as though the NO side was not as convincing. 

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