Industry Impact

The industry impact on over and under consumers is both good and bad. The good would be investing their time in them and giving them opportunities to work and have resources. They develop housing communities, reduce farmer suicides, and participatory planning. The bad would be we can not even help our own selves so how could we help them. Using toxic waste chemicals from their corporations and letting them flow/ manufacture in the poorer areas. Corporations exploit and remove the land. Companies are reliant on the poor to manufacture our materials. Low wage equals mass production. Some compromises are that we should come up with win-win solutions with investing in poor areas. We should also come up with a deal to have the poor rise in the end instead of letting him fall down. Respecting their resources and culture instead of exploiting them. Giving opportunities to grow on their own and not be dependent on us. Poor areas tend to go for the fast fashion because it’s cheaper so the market targets them. The industry uses the behavior of customers who only want to satisfy personal needs. As a consumer I really didn’t know much about how the industry works and how it impacts others. Since I’m learning more I realize that the industry only cares about money and how to get the next big thing out there. A few people want to make a sustainable future but they’re going to need to be more people to understand the bad effect the industry could have. The good part of the industry that is working toward sustainability is good for the future. Rural areas typically have less shops then usual because there are less people and usually those stores stick to one style. In urban areas there are more stores because of population and different types of style options also has more fast fashion type of shops.

For a Mindfulness Practice I color for five minutes. An easy way to reduce stress and anxiety and a better way. It lets me focus on just coloring, nothing else is on my mind besides the colors. It gives me a breather and lets me be present in the moment. It made me realize that I am always thinking about the future, what I have to do in the short amount of time I have, school, j0bs, license. Focusing on coloring and my breathing lets me realive any tension I had in my body. I really like the mindfulness practices that help relax me. Taking a couple minutes out of the day to leave the stress and worries behind.  I think that everybody should take their time to work on themselves and be aware of your surroundings. Throughout all the mindfulness practices coloring is one of my favorites. It’s easier to focus on coloring, the lines, shades, and  colors, than meditation because I feel sleepy every time i’m not doing anything but just sitting there. Finding a practice that really works for you then you could have less stress and anxiety.

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