Overconsumption of Anxiety

Industrialization has a major impact on the overconsumption of products and services across the globe. In what ways? – you might ask. One way that industrialization has had a negative impact on the globe through overconsumption is the amount of space a factory takes up in order to accompany machines to manufacture products. In order to fill factories with products, another way of overconsumption, primary economic activities, follow suit. Primary economic activities include hunting for fur, gathering agricultural materials such as cotton, hemp, flax, tearing down forests for building materials, and mining for granite, marble, limestone, and other similar desirable materials. With access to these materials, they are overused and over consumed by the world’s population and shipped across the globe for our own enjoyment and materialistic satisfaction. Overconsumption directly affects the earth as well. By increasingly using more natural resources every year, our climate is breaking down and pollution is skyrocketing. A few companies are starting to recognize the increase of product consumption and waste and they are attempting to create more sustainable products. The lesson our world needs to learn is to be contemptuous of what life has to offer, but social media has only worsened a culture that consistently wants more. 

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been using the ‘Calm’ App for morning meditation. With time inching closer and closer to the end of the school year, it is easy to go to bed anxious, as well as, wake up anxious. Heart racing, mind whirling with ‘what if’ situations, fear of inadequacy creeps into my mind right before I even open my eyes. Will I be able to get A’s in all of my classes this semester? Will I be able to spend time with my friends before we all go back home for break? Should I stay up to finish a project or is sleep more important? Will I bring home a virus to my family that I unknowingly carry? Fears of inadequacy haunt our generation; I believe this fear is what fuels our society to over-consume. When an individual feels inadequate, they tend to turn to what will instantly make them feel purposeful. Individuals feel like they have a purpose when they are getting attention on social media, carrying around the newest iPhone, wearing popular fast fashion, and indulging in other worldly desires in hopes of gaining popularity to distract them from feelings of inadequacy. The surprising thing is that we all know our consistent consumption makes us believe it will increase our status or popularity. What our world needs to accept is that there will always be the next best thing. Even if you buy the newest model of a car, there will only be a short period of time until its an older version. The same is said for fashion and other technology. Companies know that we are creatures of habit and our habit is to want. What can we start to do every day that will strengthen our feelings of self-worth and individuality instead of falling into trends of our world?

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