Can’t Blame Who You Don’t Help

  1. My major takeaways from this week’s course topic was different ways of looking at if large corporations should invest in the poor. I believe that shelter, job opportunities, along with better sanitation which can all have a positive impact on the lower classes health can reduce stress on the environment. While talking to my group we all had pretty much the same idea about the fact that not only do job opportunities help the poor but can also be beneficial for the higher class also. The reasoning being, wealthier people for large corporations have many jobs that you sometimes can’t find a lot of people to do, someone who is willing to give out job opportunities can work in the favor for both the upper and lower class. Another reason we found that larger corporations should assist the poor is because with certain social conditions, they were put out in this world without having a choice of being the higher or lower class. If you don’t have money to start with, it’s very hard to get going. Don’t get me wrong it is possible, but some people just have more resources, more strive, or more guidance to get started than others do. 
  2. My thinking has been shaped by interaction with the learning community during class by everyone sharing their input on supporting infrastructure development for the poor. We all talked a lot about sanitation, from living in not such great places or having chemicals in water that create so many diseases for the people who are barely surviving as is. One point I brought up in the discussion was how in urban areas “poor people suffer greatly from air pollution caused by inefficient transportation systems.” My first thought goes to New York, one of the most populated cities in the world. I mean you have taxi’s running nonstop, buses, tour buses. Subways, planes, any type of transportation you can imagine, they’ve got it going. Which is a huge worry because we can’t seem to go without these resources because these are what get us to work, to school, home, to so many places that riding a bike or walking would take days or weeks. It’s not transportation that needs to stop exactly, it’s producing so much air pollution in the first place that need to stop. 
  3. The mindfulness practice assignment for the week was to print a mandala out and find a quiet space, and color from the inside, out. At first I just sat there with my eyes closed for about five minutes just taking deep breaths then we put on ocean music while we calmly colored the mandala and just relaxed for a second. It was super relaxing for me, I love when we take just at least ten to fifteen minutes just to breathe and take a minute because sometimes I forget I really need to do that. So having it be something we have to do in class really helps, especially the coloring exercise we did this week, that’s been my favorite so far. This week’s meditation exercise really helped me, at the beginning of the week, I was looking at everything due, looking at how much time is left in the semester and I absolutely wanted to shut down but just taking some deep breaths for 5 minutes really does take my mind off of things.
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