Who Causes Poverty?

The most recent topic that was discussed during class was the topic of poverty. There were two articles presented to the class this week. Both of the articles discussed poverty and if it contributes to pollution. I read the argument that stated, yes, it does contribute to pollution, but I have mixed thoughts about the article. Under the circumstances that have been presented, I do believe that poverty does contribute to pollution and land waste but there are larger factors that contribute to poverty itself. The article discussed two types of poverty, the first, Rural poverty. Rural poverty focuses on those who live in rural areas and have a limited number of crops which can lead to a limited amount of work available. I believe that big corporations contribute to the issue of Rural poverty. Big corporations rely on those who live in rural areas to produce the goods they need for their companies. The second type of poverty we discussed, Urban Poverty, relates to people who live in urban areas, but receive low incomes and may be putting all of their money towards housing needs and vital resources to survive. The issue of overpopulation in cities contributes to the issue of urban poverty, not everyone has as many opportunities to get the resources they need to live a stable life. 

Whenever we were put into breakout rooms, I was placed with others who had read the yes article, but we discussed many ways that larger corporations could help the poor. We discussed that big corporations could over benefits to those who live in poverty and encourage them to come work for them or offer benefits to those in rural areas who grow resources for larger corporations. Working with classmates in the breakout rooms initially gave me a little anxiety, but it has become easier over the last couple of weeks and it has helped me learn how to communicate with students through a screen. I now feel like I can speak in front of the class, which is something I’ve always struggled with, but I feel more confident when the audience is through a screen. I feel like I am able to connect more with other students because of the breakout rooms. 

Mindfulness practice has been something that I have really enjoyed. It gives me a moment of peace where I can reflect on what is going on in my life and calm down my thoughts. I have always loved coloring to destress and I found this week’s guided meditation very useful. I was able to color a good amount of the mandala throughout the practice, and I have since added more color to the mandala.  The practice of mindfulness has prompted me to slow down and take a deep breath throughout many situations this past week. For example, I had to give a presentation on Tuesday, and right before I had to present, I felt a wave of anxiety come over me but instead of freaking out, I closed my eyes and took at least 20 deep breaths and I reassured myself that everything would be okay. To my luck, the breathing helped calm my nerves down and the presentation went smoothly. Taking a small moment to gather feelings and thoughts can help bring a person back to reality.

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