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As a non-fashion major I’ve had to look at the recent topic from a different point of view. It seems that most of the issues I have viewed from a geopolitical standpoint also exist as sustainability issues. For example, I am a fan of the free market. I believe it is the best vehicle for ensuring people have opportunities to be upwardly mobile in their wealth. However, the free market is NOT a god. You cannot derive morals from it. An example of where good morals must be applied in this system is in the area of consumerism. This is most obviously seen in the fashion industry. Styles go in and out of vogue keeping people on a treadmill working simply to buy a new thing. It slowly kills the soul and so people attempt to fill themselves with more junk. I had been so caught up in the psychological effects I’d totally neglected the physical effects. I’d always detested the sweatshops because of the violation of the worker’s natural rights, but never thought of what those did to their communities. How they could poison their homes and strip their land bare. It gave me more arrows for my quiver.

I’ve recently learned how different each individual person is raised across just those in my class. Each home holds its own culture. My home had a culture of constant discussion over ideas of how things came to be. A constant look at history to try and see what put us here. I’ve realized that not all homes had the same curiosity into that subject. It seems most families focused on other things. I realized this because as we discuss our topics in class some of these ideas are so new to many of my classmates. This is not meant to be insulting as I don’t know the first thing about fashion or interior design. I am a babe in the woods to the point that I needed to look up certain terms used in discussion. It’s made me realize that context is so important to any assertion. A good example of this is in the language difference that is created by what industry dominates your area. I come from the oil field where if a greeting must involve an insult otherwise you’re up to something. Where my friends from cities, whose parents work in a more corporate environment (less abrasive places in general), first heard me greet them in the way I greeted my friends back home and got their feelings hurt. I learned quickly that there really is no place like home.

My mindfulness practice this week was returning to a simple habit that I haven’t done in quite a while. I took a blank page and evenly filled it with circles. Allowing my mind to focus on my heart beat making it slower. After that I began to render an image using more circles. This was basically automatic as I just prioritized my week. It ended up being a smiley face.

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