Poverty, Community, and Self Reflection

This week for my mindfulness practice I decided to simply take some quiet time to myself. I actually took my four-hour drive home to Frisco, Texas for break this past Saturday. After a hectic hour of moving my belongings out of the sorority house I was ready to slow down and enjoy my soothing drive home. I was at peace knowing that I was about to spend much needed time with my family and get back to my favorite job at a boutique. There was also stress and fear in the back of my mind as the semester is coming to a close and finals are just around the corner. I tried to focus on the positives, as I knew that my mind would control my emotions and how I would spend my four-hour drive. I chose to stay happy and mindful about my current situation and where I was headed! I was able to sit back, relax, enjoy some of my favorite music and even a podcast that was MUCH needed! This podcast that I just happened to stumble upon actually opened my eyes to things that I had never seen before. It was almost like a come to Jesus moment that I did not see coming! I spent time reflecting on my semester thus far and just how far I have come since moving to Oklahoma as a nervous little freshman. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities that I have been given here and I cannot wait to see where my journey takes me.

            As for our discussion this week, poverty and attacking this subject while improving the environment was the topic of conversation. I read an argument examining the subject from the NO side of things. As I read and then began conversing with my team members we came to the conclusion that community is key when it comes to a subject such as poverty. We all know that two is better than one although it may take a village to overcome this obstacle of poverty and it may in fact be inevitable. As a community we need to take action on this subject and decrease the overall numbers within. I thought our discussion concerting rural vs. urban poverty was interesting… one team member brought up the fact that New York as an urban area has more poverty than we could ever imagine. Although it is more fast paced and high class, I believe that people care less. Those who live in the relaxed and slow paced rural environments can be placed into this social standard of poverty that they are unable to change. Some individuals could have been born into these living conditions and are doing their best to stay alive, this is where community needs to step in and take action!  

Another discussion during class that stuck out to me was focused on natural resources and how they impact our fields, such as a merchandiser or designer. We are a nation that is always focused on the next big thing and we get so caught up in what is ahead of us that we do not realize what is right in front of us. Natural resources need to become more normal and comfortable for the fashion industry. We have so many raw materials that we encounter daily that slip right over our heads because we are too focused on the future! I believe this can all relate back to our conversation a couple of weeks ago concerning living IN the moment! It is so crucial to focus on what we have here and now, not worrying about things in the past or what may lie ahead. Even within the fashion industry, we need to get creative and realize that what we have may be just as or more important than something coming in the future! This is a simple reminder to use your time wisely, take control of your negative thoughts, and take some time to reflect on whom you are and how far you have come!!

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