The Best Gift Is The Gift of Giving

This past week was a real head scratcher. Our course topic revolved around environmental degradation. We talked about poverty and the many views on poverty. I’ve seen poverty and of many different kinds. Of many different places as well. I had read the “no” article of poverty and its relation to environmental degradation. As I was reading the poverty article, I was finding it hard to follow as the main argument wasn’t as clear as it needed to be. I needed more clarification and yet I never thought about the connection that poverty and the environment shared. The fascination of how problems create more problems is still not stuck in our minds and it’s just as important for us to understand. I’ve traveled to many places before and i’ve only noticed that the different areas affect the many situations of those that struggle in poverty. I’m saddened too. Because I know that our available resources are capable of helping and eliminating poverty all together. So why not take that step? To a better future for all people alike or different. It’s not hard to consider those around us as family or friends. Or is it hard to give a helping hand? It pains to see the world we live in today. The discussion in class time revolved around many different issues that relate to poverty. The class was digging into many sorts of questions like social standing, status, the environmental effects, rural vs urban, job availability, opportunities, and many more. I’ve been to Asia countless times. I’ve grown up knowing that I was someone that came from a different background. That I don’t need to worry about my next meal or that I don’t have to worry about sleeping on a dirt floor. I try to understand what might these families and kids that have to wait for another bowl of food but I can never. And it hurts to have to see others struggle. There is an understanding though that we turn the other way, pretending that we didn’t see anything. I wonder why because it’s obviously the wrong thing to do. To turn your own back on someone who is clearly calling for help. I was walking down a street in Paris and there were many people on the streets just begging for help and having to watch other people step around them. During the mindfulness time at the beginning of class. I wondered if other people are aware of what they do from time to time. I also wondered if they even have the time to wonder what’s around them since they live in such poor conditions compared to us students. Having to grow up in an environment that doesn’t provide much resources or to live with people who don’t know how to sustain the already limited supply is worrisome. The NO article talked about community building and aiding those in need.  As I read it, I thought yes, how hard is it to be able to pick someone off the streets and help them out. Give them the opportunity and that push of encouragement. People just need to have that support in order to move forward. We have to encourage the individuals that need it the most. I hope to make a difference in the future that will positively change the lives of many.

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