Yes or No?…

   The topic for this week was definitely one that was little harder to dissect and fully comprehend. I was assigned the NO reading and it was a little confusing as the author seemed to be more on the fence about things than fully on the no side. Although, after being split up into breakout groups, we all decided that after the bigger we agreed with yes. It was nice to be able to discuss such a wide topic that can be so complex and trigger so many different opinions and viewpoints about things. A major takeaway that I had from our discussion during class was that so many factors can go into this problem and at the end of the day, no matter which argument you agreed with, it really isn’t as simple as “yes, poverty causes environmental degradation” or “no it does not”. This is such a complex and deep topic.

   I think not only my learning itself, but the way I think about new problems has definitely been reshaped during my time in this course. It has been such a great experience to be in a class with such a wide variety of people and having the opportunities to share how we feel about issues going on in the world. Hearing other opinions that I might not have even thought about before makes me really question things and try to think about things in ways I have not. This class has also taught me that. To really think about things in new ways, and really trying to dissect problems going on around us every day. This class has also taught me to think so much deeper about things than I did before. Especially, me being a freshman, I know a lot of the people I have personally talked to in the class are older than I am. And it has definitely been really interesting for me to see how they think about things and how they describe situations and all of their opinions, as well. I think another thing that has sort of reshaped my thinking is all of the brainstorming during the breakout rooms! It’s such a great time to break things down even further with your group and really dissect the topic for that week. And it’s an awesome time to kind of take in how your peers see the problem and really think about it from that perspective as well.

   These past few weeks have been very, very stressful, as I am sure it has been for everyone. So, I have really been taking advantage of the mindfulness practice and taking time for myself. This week I made sure to take breaks and just go grab a coffee or listen to some music. Maybe take a quick nap! My favorite way to just take some time for myself is to just get outside. We do need Vitamin D after all! Plus, after being cooped up in my dorm all day, it feels nice to just be outside, getting some fresh air! Sometimes I even go and grab a bite to eat and just sit in my car with my sunroof open and it’s super relaxing! Also, taking time to hang out with my friends and see my family that is here in Stillwater. Self care is always important!

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