You Learn Something New Everyday

This week we went over the topic of “environmental degradation.” I was also assigned the yes argument for this weeks assignment. At first, I was very confused as I have felt every time I open the newest assignment for the week. I will say this, I am learning a lot from this class about topics I never really understood before. After reading the yes argument my confusion was taken away. I understood how the author was referring to the poor as in the poor communities. I first thought the author was blaming poor people, which I thought was very interesting. However, I soon learned that the author was discussing the situation the poor community is automatically put into and how unfair it really is. As well as how much damage it does to our environment. I also learned that it is really hard for me to type out the word environment over and over again.

Something I really enjoyed from class and our discussion was touching in on the topic of big corporations. I really loved hearing everyones point of view. My take on it, is that if larger corporations really did help out the local poor communities it would be so beneficial for everyone as a whole. Rather than looking at how we can affect the whole nation, taking it piece by piece, or locally in this case, would make much more headway on repairing our environment. One thing I really enjoy about this class is getting to hear insight from each of my peers. Everyone comes from different walks of life and getting to hear about their opinion or even knowledge they’ve retained that I don’t yet know about is truly a blessing. I think this has reshaped my learning process, because it is very important to look at all perspectives when doing research or learning about a new topic. Listening to everyones different take on a situation just shows how we all can see one topic in twenty different lights.

The meditation we have been doing this week in class is amazing. I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Armstrong cares about each of us and our mental wellbeing especially being the time that we are in now. Never have I been so stressed during a semester, but even getting the small amount of time to relax and take a deep breath is a blessing. It really eases my mind. Dr. Armstrong advised us to take 10 minutes out of our day to meditate and I have been doing so every night before I go to bed. It really calms me down and is a great way for me to reflect on my day and get ready for the next. I have so enjoyed this class and I will be sad when it is over, but it has taught me a lot which I am so grateful for.

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