Semester Synopsis: New Knowledge and Awareness

Although this course was only eight weeks, I feel that there is a lot that I can take away from it. This semester has been very different and a one of a kind experience for sure. I will say, that online class has been difficult, but I do enjoy the classes that allow for open discussion, like this one. I think, especially during this pandemic, that it is important to hear from everyone and to learn different perspectives and points of view. It is hard to grasp the whole concept regarding lessons when it is just you and your computer. However, the open discussions and reflections that we have had in this class have really helped to encompass my thoughts on the new topics we talk about each week. Open discussions are something very rare and I have loved getting to partake in them. In my other classes I have often felt disconnected due to the lack of discussion between my classmates and myself. However, getting to talk out loud is a really great way for me to grasp all our concepts. Being that these are brand new things I was not well aware of before I really enjoy getting to hear my classmates knowledge about these topics, and I feel that it really helps me learn more at the same time. I really think that this experience has helped me to adapt to a new way of learning. The unfortunate part of this course is that it was only eight weeks and I do wish we could have continued on with our lessons and hopefully continued them in person. I loved that we had break out rooms but I do think that it would have been fun to experience group discussions or I guess you could call them “group breakouts.” Another thing I wish I could have been given more time to explore, or in other words continue, was learning about the topics we have been discussing. As an interior design major we often only focus on materials and finishes and obviously, interior design. However, it was really interesting to get to focus on something not necessarily related to paint colors and floor plans. I am sort of in this bubble, especially now that I am taking more classes directly relating to my major and this was a great experience for me to take a step away from it all and learn something new. Some of my major takeaways from this course were new knowledge, new awareness, and new focuses. Coming into this course, I was very unsure as to what we would be discussing in our classes and I was pleasantly surprised when we had our first assignment. Although, I am not the most science-y person out there I was very compelled by the topics we were discussing and I was happy to learn something new that I was not educated on before. Light was shed on topics that I had not really heard of before and my awareness to the problems in our world became clearer. I do not really focus on many up to date topics, unless it is relating to celebrities, and this class has made me more aware to the world around me. Lastly, I feel that leaving this class I have more of a focus on the things happening around me and what I can do about them. Learning about the environment, poverty, government, and many more has made me more of an educated individual and I feel that I will focus more in the future on these topics. I feel that my main focus has been on what directly affects me and now I feel that I should be focusing on what indirectly affects me. I feel, and I think a lot of people can relate to me, that I am in my own bubble and I am unaware of how I affect the world. I think with this new day and age we are becoming more aware of things around us however I think we still need to learn the things we can do to help make change. Going off of this I feel that some of the problems I really want to focus on and learn more about are problems revolving around our environment. I feel that recently, many environmental problems have been brought up that I was unaware of and I would love to learn more about them. Hearing from my fellow classmates and their opinions/ knowledge on these topics has in a way inspired me to want to learn more myself. After watching the 11th hour and hearing about how important it is that my generation do something to help the world we live in, I feel that it is important that I be a part of that. The film was very enlightening as was learning new things about these topics. I would love to focus more on these topics and I think that after taking this class I have learned more ways as well as more outlets where I can make changes and alterations to what I do everyday.  My circle of influence is within my family, friends, coworkers, classmates, and my social media. I feel that by being proactive about issues and discussing them within my circle of influence I can slowly impact some positive change. I could also possibly start doing small things in my everyday routine that might make a small change. It is important to be aware of your impact in the world and I feel that after taking this course I am much more aware of my impact on the world. I think that this class has made me more aware and I am very grateful. I have enjoyed this very short course and I look forward to doing more research about these topics in the future. Although this course was set out differently than it normally would have been I really enjoyed it! I loved the challenge that was presented and I loved getting to hear directly from my peers. Thank you for a great semester, I feel very blessed to be a part of your class! 

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