A dog is smart enought to be sustanable then so can we!

Over the course of the last nine weeks I have been introduce in great detail to a world I didn’t know as much about. For starts I couldn’t of told you what a “Wicked problem” was to save my life. I have known learn that wicked problems are all around us. Steaming from large natural disasters to little things we place in our homes. Through this course I been able to grow my knowledge not only on sustainable resources but specifically focus on my degree. Our final project really allowed me to dig into several different levels of wicked problems and the design world. I learned about eco-efficiencies through electricity all the way to air quality control in simple hardwood stain. I would of loved to have been able to break down the top wicked problems in our world into small sections like electrical, air pollution, fabrics, extra and spend more time analyzing the small problems and how my degree and help with them rather than focusing solo on major problems that are slightly out reach. Including, overpopulation, global warming, and deforestation. I love this quote by Emma Watson stating as consumers, we have so much power to change the world by just being careful in what we buy.” This is so true. Every day we are given choices some may seem mundane as we write them off as chores, but we are constantly faced with choices. Within the choices there are holistic options available all the time. Sadly, I don’t think we have been properly educated as a society to understand the great benefit these options have for us. Take going to the grocery store. You can buy a bag of chips which may not be the best choice health wise to all the processing that goes into and the waste that comes from the bag. At the same time chips are good and they are quick on the go. Through this course I am learning to be more mindful and picking my battles. So, what I do know is I like to buy either very clean potatoes chips, which have normally been cooked in avocado oil or other nut oils and then normally have just Himalayan salt for flavor. Or I like to do planate chips – which is a form of banana chip cooked in the same oils or dried. So now I have covered the health option great but, what about the planet?! I have purchased reusable, washable zip block or clip bags this helps to reduce waste a little bit. Less bags equals less trash and less trash lowers the landfill issues which helps lower chemical emissions from garbage into our environment in turn my little step is going along way. 

            Let’s touch on some major takeaways. To truly understand what’s going on this world I have had to step back and change my mindset. To be honest I really thought a lot of this ecofriendly, the planet is dying, conspires theories was a big load. As, I still waver with high superstitions to some of things I have learned that we need to view our planet like we view ourselves. As humans and the way, we are designed we need to eat healthy and tend to our bodies. When we overheat and run a fever we don’t feel well and when we are surrounded by bad things we don’t function as well as we should. Our beautiful planet is the same way. We need to be mindful of what we put in the ground and make sure we are continuing to replenish her. Weather its planting more trees or utilizing alternative resources we need to be a bit more mindful. A large problem is our over consumption of fossil fuels and the high levels of toxins that are being emitted back into air. Not only is it hard on us as humans creating all kinds of health issues but its incredibly hard on our planet. Earth is designed to adapt just like humans but lately are planet is running hotter than normal which is not only hard for the planet to run properly but it off set’s ecosystems on our planet that we need as humans. If any of this hasn’t made you consider changing your ways even in small actions, then maybe I should tell you to be really selfish ha-ha. If you want to be around longer and have beautiful places to visit, nature, wildlife and more than do the little things so you can enjoy what we still have. Just like humans our planet will enviably reach the end. So, think of reusable bags as anti-aging face cream for women. It may not do a whole lot but sometimes a little goes a long way. 

            On an unrelated note, this course also took time to reflect on our mental well-being.

We took time at the start of each class to do a brief mediation. I have grown to really enjoy these meditation times and began to implement them into my daily routine. There is something so powerful about taking a moment to sit. To be completely still and just focus on your breathing. As some who struggles with anxiety and can easily get overwhelmed this has been a great way to just breath and sort through my thoughts. If you are anything like me and don’t like to be vulnerable with a lot of people so you just keep it inside, I highly recommend meditation. I’m also a runner and all runners will understand this feeling known as “runners high.” It’s so really but sometimes it’s not easy when you are overwhelmed mid-day to go for a run which has been my main form of meditation. Traditional meditation is great because you can simply sit, close your eyes and take five minutes to just breath. Then you can come back to your space and lay out a plan for what’s to come. 

            Overall, I have truly enjoyed this course and am excited to apply what I have learned so far to my career as an interior design. I think we neglect to acknowledge the power we hold as designers. Just by being well educated you are being blessed with an ability to be innovated. Through discussions with others and spreading awareness of wicked problems no matter the size we have the ability to make a difference on this planet through every generation. “We all have the possibility to inspire the future – so lets do it.”-Nagiha Mestaoui 

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