Melanie Burdge

            Positive change is something we should as humans reflect more on and practice every day. Humans get stuck always thinking about stress and what they need to do tomorrow or next day and don’t take minute for themselves. For me, I am constantly worrying about my future and where I will be in five years as do most of adults teens my age do. We listen to stories from our parents and older generations of how important it is to save money and work a ton and do all these things by certain ages when in reality we have all the time in the world. If we just take the time to reflect and calm ourselves down we could get done with everything we need to do quicker and easily. 

            How I could and how we all could influence change in our circle is always being the positive and uplifting friend of your group, work on yourself and eventually your energy will radiate to others and they will feed off your energy and have more trust in you. It is always important to have someone to go to.

            With that, if you have others trust and people around you trust you and believe you are a good influence they will be more open to other topic and conversations you make start, one being sustainability. Having conversations with your family and peers to make getting changes in their everyday lives can really make the small things bigger. Many people do not like change and are usually afraid of it or run from it. But change is something this world needs and if it doesn’t happen soon we all suffer. How I see it not thinking about the environment and sustainability is simply just selfish and unkind to many others around you. 

            The only way we can control change and have others rethink their ways of living is having a good influence and being a positive spirit, to never to come off as rude or insulting. Living in today’s world is hard especially during a pandemic, and we as humans are just trying to get through each week or even each day. It may be hard to think so far into the future when we have so many things already going on today but if we don’t act and influence others to act we will suffer long term issues that if we all came together we could change. We need to work a little harder and a little smarter and do even more than we are doing now, the only way we will see real change is if we worked harder than we have ever before and come together as one world, not just one country. 

            The influence we have on each other is more important than anything, spreading positivity to act and to not be afraid of change is what is most important to everyone right now. 

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