It All Comes Down To This

Throughout this semester in Wicked Problems I have learned so much about how the world functions. The functions of the world are primarily made up of non-sustainable ideas. The ignorance a typical person has towards the emissions of production, lives are put at risk in production, and the environment is rapidly declining. The people of the world must understand what is happening through production of every item they purchase daily. Even things as simple as purchasing a shirt or turning on a light have a huge impact on the environment. Things will not change unless someone takes a step towards change. Change can start just through one person making a difference within their circle of influence. This change can be met by many other people who strive for the same cause. This has been seen throughout history and through many movements. Change is possible, it just needs to start. Luckily, my generation already has a leg up. The generation before us has already started talking about the environment, researched the effects of unsustainable practices put in place before them, and have started denouncing these acts. My generation has the key to environmental sustainability. We grew up hearing about global warming and changes in the environment throughout our most influential years. During these years we may have doubted the change, or we may have accepted it and started making a change right away. Our families may have been against the idea or our families may have been for it. All together there is no denying that climate change is real and that a step towards sustaining our future is necessary. My generation is made up of the next leaders in the world. These leaders will have the chance to push sustainability toward the top of the list where it needs to be. WE must work together to accomplish a similar cause. There is no place for ignorance anymore. Ignorance must be stomped out by spreading sustainable practices throughout our city, state, region, country, and the world. Each of these can be accomplished by one person lighting a fire in everyone else. The climate is no longer up for question, it must be sustained. Personally I am willing to make this change. It all starts within oneself to independently think and aspire to be greater. This greatness may start as simple with what you purchase. Purchasing items that are sustainably grown, produced, shipped, and sold are the best options. These products may be more expensive at the time, but they are the future of products and must be cherished for what they are. The purchase of energy becomes a little complicated as clean energy is not as easy to come by as many may think. Sure it is simple to put solar panels on top of your future home and use less grid energy, but these solar panels are not made with sustainable materials. Solar panels are some of the least efficient energy producers and are produced with just as toxic materials to the environment as coal, natural gas, and oil are releasing through power generation. The cleanest type of energy is at the moment is hydro energy. Hydro has issues of itself by mainly being produced through dams. Dams have their own issues in environmental impact and cannot be placed everywhere to allow for everyone to use it. Sustainable energy must be carefully thought of and decided. There is no exact solution for a perfectly clean energy source. During my college years I am studying sustainable design in the architecture world. This has lead me to promise myself that I will create cleaner building that will reduce the need for energy and be constructed of clean materials. Industry is the largest consumer of energy, commercial buildings come in next, then residential. Commercial buildings can be made to be more sustainable through less energy use and material sustainability. The best way to do this is to start from the beginning. Have a purpose to create sustainable buildings and do it well. Some of the most sustainable buildings are those that have been reused. This recycling of buildings not only recycles materials, but also allows a designer to have a second chance at making the building better for the environment. This is a step all architects should be considering. How can we make buildings better for the environment? We start to make a change towards sustainability and strive for that goal. Industries will follow in suit as we continue toward sustainability.

Within the wicked problem course I am pleased with what I learned and how passionate about sustainability I have become. I wish we could have done more research about specific topics in our future fields. I personally did some research about steel production within a group, however I wish there was more time to research a topic that is more interesting to me. Sustainability cannot be researched all in eight weeks, I understand that, however I wish there was more time to research and plan for a better future. Wicked problems covered a wide range of topics including industry, interior design, and architecture. I would love to learn more about my specific field of architecture and learn about how each part of a building can be more sustainable. These things I will apply best in my professional life. I appreciate learning about other topics such as industry to be mindful of when I purchase items throughout my daily life. I will be applying many course topics in my daily life and look forward to a sustainable future of my own. It all starts with a change and that change starts now.

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