Last Reflections

Throughout this semester the types of knowledge and experiences that I was most able to enhance are the knowledge about all these wicked problems that I had no Idea were wicked problems, such as climate change, which I didn’t think was real until this class had me looking at the facts and patterns over the course of the past years. Upon looking at the facts and learning about climate change in class I would like to do my part in helping to change the course of climate change. Another Wicked problem I learned about that stood out to me during this semester is sustainability. Another experience I will take away from this class is learning about how harmful current products of interior design can be to the environment. The major takeaways that I took during this class was learning and talking about organizations such as LEED, which is an organization that is utilized for rating green building, and learning about how to meditate and relax.I have found the use of meditation very useful for calming down, de stressing, and reflecting. I plan to continue the practice by meditating on my own everyday as well as trying out yoga classes. The fall of Easter island is another topic that I was really interested in. It also made me compare what the people living on Easter island did for their society to fall so fast, and compare the similarities between how they utilized the environment to how we as a society use our resources.

Another experience that I learned a lot from during this semester is the pre discussions we were assigned to read and write about before class. During the pre discussions I learned about things that I wouldn’t have even thought about such as the fall of easter island. Had I not been assigned to read about the fall of Easter island I would have had no knowledge of the event, and never would have been able to compare how the people of Easter island used up the island’s resources, to how we as a society seem to use our resources constantly and like they will never run out. I also really enjoyed the usage of breakout rooms in zoom. I loved the chance to talk with fellow students about the problems we face in society as well as solutions, and then discussing them as a whole class.  Things I definitely want to learn more about in the future, and utilize in the future is the information I learned through participating in the infographic project. Through this project I learned that there are products that I can utilize in interior design that are healthier for people, and the environment, such as using plant based paint instead of paint that contains volatile organic compounds, and the use of drywall that Is better for the environment. I also want to learn more about how I can reduce my habits that may be harmful to the environment, and how I can change those habits.

Furthermore I have also been doing my own research about how I can change my habits to lessen my, and the people around me carbon footprint. Since quarantine I have been biking to a lot of places instead of using my car and plan to continue because not only does it reduce my carbon footprint, it’s also been great for working out, and my overall health. I have also been looking up recipes and tips for eating that will reduce my carbon footprint such as eating less meat and more fruit and vegetables, and saving leftovers when I eat out instead of throwing them away like I would typically do. My family and I have also been recycling and plan to continue. My sisters and I also paint a lot and have switched to ordering paint that is less harmful to the environment from a site called natural earth paint. We have also taken the time to learn how to make our own paint from a blog called simply living well. We use water, clay, and spices to create our colors and have had fun doing this together. In the future I plan to help people choose products and make choices that are healthier for the environment. I also plan to continue to do research on changing habits and creating new ones to lesson my carbon footprint as well as the people around me. This class has really opened my eyes to the problems in society and has helped me want to create healthier habits for myself and the people around me. I have really enjoyed being a part of this class and learning about the wicked problems we face as a society.

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