Start Making a Change. Today.

Wicked problems are not going anywhere and they aren’t discussed enough. When taking this course, I knew that there was going to be a lot of heavy debates and discussions. Maybe even some disagreements. And that kind of worried me to the point of is this class really worth the hot water I was going to set my foot in. To be honest, I did have some pressure throughout the whole course and yes, it was difficult. But so were the wicked problems at hand. My learning community was very diverse and with class discussions, I met all kinds of people. We were all able to enhance each other’s window of brainstorming and generating ideas as well as understanding what  a wicked problem is. Interesting thoughts arose in class discussions that opened my mind to even more possibilities and future solutions. The knowledge of just realizing that wicked problems exist is the first step in order to solve the issue, and even doing so is difficult because of how serious trouble the world is in at this very moment. It’s worrisome and people have yet to acknowledge the issue and act on it. My peers in this class come from very different majors but we all have a shared interest in what this world is capable of, such as slowing down global warming and switching to more sustainable options. The break out rooms that I was moved into with different people were very interesting and much needed. They’re have been times that no words were exchanged. But we are all in this class to understand a global issue and that’s enough to start taking action. The interactions as a whole class would be my favorite times. People are naturally shy and that’s okay. I’m a very shy student and I don’t take part in discussions with serious problems but that doesn’t mean I’m not passionate about the topic. I keep watching everyone else share their thoughts, I listened with open ears, excited to see what others had felt towards the situation. And when ever I talked, everyone else would listen and build on that same thought. It may take Dr. Armstrong a few popsicle sticks to really get students to engage but there are students who were willing to share regardless.

I wish I was able to feel confident in what I say. There were many times that I couldn’t speak fearing it may be based off of incorrect info or that I would see a laughing face in one of the zoom cameras. But it was my own inability to share what I felt strongly with the matter of world issues and constant production of waste. I needed more time to get used to this class but considering that it’s only eight weeks of a few hours on Tuesday evenings was pretty hard to get used to. There was also a couple of times that people within my group would be absent and within the eight weeks, it was time sensitive. My group ended up making it work and I felt proud of our work and time together as a group. The takeaways of this course mostly took place in the subject itself. I knew that this world was self destructive and I knew that as human beings, we are capable of reversing the damage we had caused. But who would want to change into a sustainable, healthy world when what we got is “good enough”? People aren’t influenced by what science and results have shown that proves our world is dying, at least not easily. There are for sure plenty of videos that upset more people today then it did in the past and I know my generation will do better. It’s not a choice anymore, we will do better. Or there won’t be a world left. It’s only a matter of time now that we all decide to come together and change how we live, change the way we reduce our trash, change the way we consume energy and resources. As much as I wish I could say that there is time, there really isn’t. There is not enough time for us to do a full turn around because so much has happened over the past centuries. And we are running out of time just realizing it now. We have to change, there’s no more time to think. We need to act as soon as possible.

The fashion industry will be my main goal in the future. I am studying fashion, specifically design and fashion production. So I’ve been learning how to minimize fabric scraps and how there are designs that are zero-waste designs when making certain kinds of garments. I came across this type of design while studying with my fellow fashion design peers about the matter at hand. The impact of numbers can affect is true, the more minds and hands that tactile the same problem will make an even greater change. My fashion friends and I have discussed of what and why we decided to become a designer, and fashion design is important as the fashion industry is a growing problem to the wicked problem of waste and pollution. I also know that with the support of many and shared interest, there will be a more sustainable and healthier side to the fashion industry as a whole as well as use the power of influence and branding to promote sustainability to consumers. It’s the positive change that will make the biggest impact on the lives as well as the benefit for the environment. The fashion industry is a wicked problem, and just myself and a few other designers within my graduating class is not enough to influence this change but we can spread the word and create a number that will make that change happen. Zero waste designs are already taken into place but people aren’t aware of this intelligent idea and that’s why fast fashion is still the way for consumers to easily get and throw away clothing at a damaging rate to the environment. But after this class, I will encourage others as well as improve my confidence in my ability that change is what needs to happen and it will happen during my lifetime. This generation is going to be the generation that saved the earth and eliminate the need to live off of over consumption. We can do it. We are more then capable and the world needs us to start listening and acting.

I’m going to wake up and start my day with one goal in mind. And I’m not going to let another day pass me by. Life may be the longest thing we do, but I’m sick of wasting my days doing nothing.

What about you?

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