Ways Forward

I’ve learned a lot through my Wicked Problem class. It has taught me that i’m new very little about this world. I was in my own little bubble and nobody could get me out of it. It’s shameful about how less I knew. To be honest I didn’t care about world disasters because none of this affect my life. The knowledge I learned in this class was that the end of the world is near unless we changed it. From the beginning of this class we watched a documentary about how it’s up to us to fix and mend our world before we go into catastrophe. It really opened my eyes to all these things I was oblivious too. Like how we are burning through too much fossil fuels and energy. This class really made me take a step back a look at the world around me. I’ve also had my friends step back and take a look arounds them . Mindfulness helped them through a lot of school work. Many of people in my class knew and I did not. I did not know that It would become an eye opener to a person who was completely oblivious. Not gonna lie though I felt really stupid in this class for not knowing. Clothing is slowly overpopulation the landfills. Using too many resources to fast. Burning through energy. I was also unaware about how bad natural disasters happen like acid rain, dumping waste into oceans, wildfires, flooding, warming seas, and arctic melting, soil erosion, fish going deeper into the ocean. Climate will never get better unless we do something about it. That’s just a few of them many have happened. I was also shocked about how the government has the resource and technology to help but they aren’t because they can’t agree on anything. Shouldn’t they all come to an agreement or at least try each one of these ideas to see which one works more effectively. Ultimately the president should be enabling something to help with the world. The most shocking one for me to hear was how the landfill was full of wasted clothes and textile. I had never knew that clothing over waste was such a large thing. It has been a trend to thrift shop and flip clothes around. Also the oversaturated companies that use the consumers weaknesses to there advantage. We’ve read about different arguments on how to save the world and different viewpoints on how authors would do it. but it seems that many people can’t agree so we aren’t really getting anything done. What I wish we would have spent more time on was the arguments I wish we could have went over it as a class and did some discussions then answered the questions. Those were hard to read and to comprehend. I’ve liked that we did go over a little bit of it in class but it wasn’t the best for learning. Also drawing out popsicle sticks was not good for my health I had so much anxiety every time my teacher mentioned drawing from them or just jingling them. I was panicking so bad that I was sweating, and having break downs. Definitely not my favorite, not the class for me. My heart would start racing thinking about attending. Some Major takeaways were looking to find sustainable ways like using our resources we already had, fixing the little problem before the big ones, Reading and comprehending, teaching others, discovering different viewpoints, Learned about Infographics, and finding solutions. I wished we could have used more in graphic and stuff like that it was fun. I think I would have learned and comprehendated more if we used something like that. Some solutions I am gonna start using is thrifting clothing and turning old ones into new ones. letting friends and family know and try not to buy from fast fashion stores. Fast fashion stores I never knew was bad. But after taking Wicked Problems I realized that fast fashion leads greatly to consumer disposal. The main reason I think people buy from fast fashion places is because it’s cheap and not that many people have the money to buy sustainable clothing and stuff. Also fast fashion stay on top of trends were as the other stores don’t really. I always wondered why people went along with trends. Making u your own style is was cooler. Thrift stores nowadays are so picked over that people don’t want things that aren’t in trend. Also thrift stores barley sell any of there stuff. I shall look keep informing people and do my best find better ways. My ability to impact people isn’t that. much from the small group of people I know but at work i’ll try to spread the word and get people talking about it more. and recycle more also to donante. Having our generation be the ones to have to step up and fix the mistakes of those before us is a lot of pressure but with how our generation is today I think we will be okay because we have a lot of fight in us and aren’t afraid to speak our minds. A way I think helps sustainability is this app Depop and lets other people sell their old clothings also people making their old clothes into new things. The change our generation is gonna make it going to be the turning point in the right direction to society. Nobody could stop us. Another major takeaway is the mindfulness practices. They really helped me relax and be in the moment. Probably one of my favorite things we did. I already colored before but using coloring and focusing on nothing else going on in life. I think that everybody should do mindfulness practices especially college students because our lives are always moving fast and we momments to just be still and enjoy the moment. Mindfulness practices could also be used by government officials and scientist, so people can agree on how to fix the environment.

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