People Are Ignorant!

Sustainability is creating a product that has an endless shelf life. Products that last a long time and once they reach their final decline and are seen as obsolete can be turned into something new instead of being waste. Sustainability has become increasingly important not only in the fashion industry but in the world. The question for sustainability is no longer how to create less waste but how to create new products out of waste so it creates a cycle where waste becomes non-existent. In the face of the new goal of sustainability, it is now seen as a wicked problem. By my definition a wicked problem is a problem that is seemingly changing which means that a true solution is hard to find and/or there are many solutions to the one problem depending on how the person views it. This is truly the case about reducing waste. It follows all of the characteristics of a wicked problem, there is no way of stopping waste altogether, it is a very unique situation, many people have different solutions, the solutions are irreversible, the solutions are either bad or good and one cannot test the outcome of the solution itself. 

There have been many wicked problems like hunger and poverty but when watching the 11th hour movie I thought the history behind why the world is the way it is was interesting. The Industrial revolution truly was the beginning of our overuse of natural resources. Humans saw what could be done with the resources of nature and the quantity that there was, however people had little concern over the future and cared about what nature could provide them in the now. Personally I feel as though as a child who was raised with the world still overusing natural resources, I was not taught another way. For example, I know that using gas for my car is bad and I would love to use an electric car but they are too expensive. I know plastic bags are terrible yet I still use them, granted I do recycle my plastic bags. I am starting to use reusable bags. I am starting to realize, however, that people are ignorant(this includes me as well)!For the majority of years in the 2000s the debate has been about whether climate change is real or not. Instead of doing something about it, environmentalists had to first try to get people to believe that they were using too many resources and giving nothing back. Isn’t that crazy, there are still people in the world who believe that nature is our resource for the “over” taking. While I have been taught to volunteer and help people whenever possible by my family some have not and some have been taught to do a lot more for the environment. Another problem within wicked problems is getting everyone on the same page and that comes from the lack of intergenerational responsibility. 

My carbon footprint is terrible. My household uses 45 tons of CO2 per year! That’s insane. I believe from this I can see places for improvement and fully intend to do my part in taming the wicked problem that is climate change. In my industry fast fashion and sustainability through garments is a problem. I want  to promote upscaling clothing and make it normal to buy less and high quality clothing that lasts longer in order to end 11 million tons of clothing being dumped into landfills.

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