You Say Wicked Problems, I Say Wicked People

I’ve never really taken into accountability how the way live can affect our Earth until I got older. I always felt that our Earth and God would keep us afloat until it was our time to go. Now being able to see that it’s us as humans that have the control on our Earth and how long we want to be able to Sustain and live here peacefully is all on us. So, my idea of Sustainability has greatly changed because every action has a reaction and the way we treat our Earth is the way it’s going to treat us. Wicked Problems and Tame Problems differ because Wicked problems are problems that can be easily solved, it takes more that just one solution and more than one trail run to figure out what’s the issue. A Tame problem is a problem that only has one resolution and is easily tamable. Racism, Climate Change, Poor Epidemic, High Imprisonment, Human Trafficking and Disease. Are some of the U.S biggest wicked problems and they all have 1 thing in common; people. All these issues are caused by either the Government or our communities. We have enough resources to build up the rich but when it comes to the less fortunate we tell them to pick themselves up by their own boot straps. We need to do better as a people when it comes to having and showing compassion for others, everybody is equal so once we understand that the world as we know it would change.

So, far the 11th Hour documentary is talking about the same issues that we’re facing today and have been facing for a very long time on this Earth. Which is us thinking our resources are unlimited. Us humans have a tendency of using up things before they can replenish themselves. Our problem as humans are that we’re spoiled and we don’t like when people tell us what to do. So, when we have issues like climate change or we’re over populating the earth and we don’t have enough resources to with stand us all, we people who want to have an issue with everything because they can’t believe something that is scientifically proven can be true. My biggest takeaway from the Rittel-Webber reading is that we as people can’t come up with solutions for events that haven’t happened yet, we just don’t have that type of power to look in the future and see problems and come up with answers to that problem. I think my biggest self-narrative and paradigm is love. I just wished we could all love and treat other right, I feel love and respect outweighs all.We all need to start moving with love instead of hate or negative energy. I think for my carbon footprint even though it might be cliche I think it sums up what I’m feeling. I think as I’ve gotten older it resonates with me more which is “Treat others as you’d want to be treated.” Even though it’s simple and we’ve all heard it since we were little it still tends to go over a lot of peoples’ heads. Once we spread more love I know that the world will become better but until then we’re going to face the same issues we’ve always faced. If you’ve looked at any of our history starting back to the beginning of time we’ve repeatedly gone through the same things, it’s like we haven’t learned from our mistakes. As a young Black upcoming Designer I’ve always felt there’s been a big problem with the Fashion Industry especially when it comes to Racism. There’s an abundance of Racism in Fashion, I believe Black people are highly underrepresented in this field even though we are the creators of fashion and we dictate what’shot and what’s not.

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