Facing Wicked Problems Within the Fashion industry

Sustainability is a complex concept. Sustainability is about the good of the planet, and social equity and equality. With practicing habits that are morally good and for the better of the world. Sustainability focuses on the needs of present and future generations, it is looking at more of the long-term effect. To me, sustainability is about using problem-solving skills in order to solve a wicked problem. A wicked problem is a problem that seems near impossible to solve because it is difficult to get to the root of the problem due to outside factors. Certain problems become wicked because of the vast differences in opinions. There is no definite answer or formula to solve a wicked problem. Wicked problems are not seen as true or false, instead, there are good and bad. There is no to know that the solution to the problem has been finalized. There is no immediate test for a solution for a wicked problem because they’re unique problems. There always seems to be more than one explanation for the reasoning or cause of a wicked problem. A characteristic that has stood out to me is that “wicked problems are not seen as true or false, instead there is good and bad.” I have never thought about it that way. Sometimes the answer to a problem that our society struggles with, can seem so bluntly obvious to me. I am not saying that it is not the most important characteristic of a wicked problem but it defiantly made me think differently about it. 

Although the 11th-hour documentary felt a little outdated, scientists and activists are still saying the same thing, regarding climate change. A takeaway that I took away for me, was a scientist addressing the fact that people treat climate change as a belief. When in reality this purely scientific fact, and if we don’t act now aggressively it could be too late for us and for future generations. To be honest I know won’t even consider having children in my future due to the lack of legislation and action to save our planet. It almost seems unfair to bring someone into the world with a damaged parent because we were too selfish to do something about it. That is something people of older generations could understand, especially ones that deny climate change. I think we have a responsibility to do something about this, and I mean all of it. But I think it’s important to hold those accountable that are doing the most damage. Such as the fossil fuel industry and fashion industry. 

My carbon footprint is 7.6, if everyone lived like me we would need 4.4 Earths. My carbon footprint could be better, there’s definitely room for a lot of improvement to put it nicely. I drive a non-electric car, instead of riding a bike. Although I have switched to using things with multiple uses I use too many one-use things, instead of using things that will last multiple uses. My values regarding the environment and sustainability for this huge wicked problem is that we have to act and we have to act aggressively. In a perfect world, there are lots of things that I would like to change regarding my field. Such as, changing the attitude of wearing something once and then getting rid of it. But instead buying something of higher quality that can live through multiple generations and uses. I would also love if designers wouldn’t put out as many collections as they do in a year. Typically designers release collections every month and for fast fashion, it’s every week. If designers put out as many collections as they do, then they would have the time to make better sustainable choices. Also, trends would change as fast therefore people wouldn’t be throwing out their clothes as fast as they do.

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