Longing for Sustainability & Never-Ending Wicked Problems

            A common question comes to mind when I think of sustainability, is it possible in the world we live in? Before this class I didn’t think much of sustainability or really understood the full definition. I used to think of it as a constant of something but since class I have realized it is much more. Fortunately, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs although sometimes there is an opposite effect. When reflecting on my past and really thinking about how problems in my life started, it was always because of disagreements. Knowing this I have a better understanding about how wicked problems can be from all things and anything and just like disagreements sometimes they are irreversible.

            I have never even heard of the term “wicked problems” before this class and I already have a brand-new outlook on everything I see around me and how the world operates. Six characteristics of wicked problems are vague problems, undefined solution, no endpoint, irreversible, unique and urgent.  All of these characteristics are very important but one that stood out to me was no endpoint. Most of the time I can’t seem to grasp the thought of there never being an end to wicked problems in the world.

            Learning all of these characteristics of wicked problems, it has made me take a step back and evaluate some things that I waste too much time on in my life. According to the film the 11th hour, there are many environmental issues we are all facing and ones most are oblivious to. This film allowed the cold hard truth to be exposed about all the wicked problems that are going on in the world all around us. This film was meant to push viewers to take action of the wicked problems and stop the domino effect.

Paradigms and self-narratives are almost crucial when trying to fix a wicked problem. A paradigm is a certain pattern that contains our beliefs, values and etc. These normally aren’t things that you notice but instead just normally do because it is part of your normal routine. Reading the “Dilemmas in a General Theory of Planning”, planning is a factor of trying to solve wicked problems but at the end of the day there is not an exact formula to prevent these problems from happening.

            Overall, this past week I have learned so much more about wicked problems than I ever have and with being educated about these topics, something needs to be done. I want to change pollution because it is so harmful to not only the planet but the humans that live on it.

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