My Perception of Sustainability

Previously, I just viewed sustainability as preserving, but now I understand it is more than that. Sustainability is the effort to exist forever by protecting future generations. The 11th Hour documentary helped me to realize that we all need to make an effort to protect nature because we have already used many resources from nature and some of these resources are nonrenewable. Similarly, Wicked problems are complex problems that cannot fully be solved. Tame problems have solutions that will solve the problem fully, whereas solutions for wicked problems may only help solve the problem for some. Some characteristics of wicked problems would be vague definitions to the problem, many solutions, no endpoint, unique, solutions have irreversible effects, and problems require immediate action. It really stands out to me that the solutions have irreversible effects. The solutions could ultimately create negative effects if one is not careful. The Rittel-Webber reading helped me to see how important it is that planners are careful with their solutions and really understand the problem to prevent negative effects.
I think it is extremely important for us to all consider our effects on nature. I believe intergenerational responsibility is important to allow future generations to succeed. We all need to do our part to help. My carbon footprint is not very good, but I am working to make it better. I decided to become vegetarian again, so I believe this is one small way to help. Another thing I want to change is the destruction of clothing. So much clothing gets thrown away in landfills, which is horrible for the environment. I personally buy the majority of my clothing second hand because I cannot afford many sustainable clothing brands, but I do not want to buy fast fashion. Buying clothing secondhand is important because it helps to keep that clothing out of landfills and to be reused. This is such a simple thing to do that has a large impact.

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