Restoring to Live Sustainably

I have always thought that sustainability is important and as I have gotten older I have seen that even more. I think as time goes on and the earth begins to change more because of human activity the term sustainability has become more important. It is now meaning more than maintaining what we have but repairing what we have damaged to make the world more sustainable. A wicked problem that demonstrates this shift in the meaning of the word sustainability is deforestation. As more and more forests are being destroyed we see the need for more protection around them so that we are able to prolong those resources. In order to make trees more sustainably used we need to repair the damage done before in order to help make them last. 

The 11th-hour documentary touches on this very issue, describing how deforestation has caused various problems to humans and ecosystems. Deforestation and many other detrimental practices to the environment were the results of the industrial revolution, according to the 11th hour. The documentary as well as the reading by Rittel-Webber illuded to some possible solutions to these wicked problems. Some of the main points of this reading were possible solutions to help aid the cause of wicked problems harming the environment. Although these problems are hard to solve there are some key factors that may assist the effort. For example, legislation about certain harmful practices. The goal of these would be to protect the environment to make the earth a better place to live and to prolong its life. An important concept to think about while attempting to solve these problems is intergenerational responsibility. It is our responsibility to maintain and attempt to fix the things that we can now so that the future generation has more to work with and further restore the damage done in the past.

As I have been learning more and more I try and do what I can do to help better the environment. I have been learning about sustainability and unethical practice specifically in the fashion industry. I watched a documentary about unethical practices and sweatshops that produce most of our clothes. After seeing that I now make a conscious effort to shop at places that sell things that are ethically produced. Although that is very difficult and sometimes impossible I try my best and I will continue to work at that. 

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