The problem of today, yesterday and for every tomorrow

Prior to this class I had always tried to be sustainable with my clothing, using the 3 year rule but have recently been putting more and more thought into the idea. I have learned this is merely the tip of the iceberg, and that many more complications lie below the surface. A tame problem is fairly straight forward problem. A problem that can be solved consecutive practice once you learn how to approach the problem. A wicked problem is not as simple. There is no straight forward way solve these types of problems as the question itself is not straight forward. And there are ways to identify wicked problems through their characteristics. Through scientific approaches of finding out if it has: vague problem definitions, variable solutions, solutions have no end point, solutions pose irreversible effects, solutions require unique approaches, and are urgent. I think there are some problems that have an even more rushed sense of urgency than others and I feel it is important that people realize this rather than argue the science behind it by calling such problems hoaxes! Personally I felt that the 11th hour documentary shed a lot of light on problems like this and most likely created a larger audience for these problems through their use of celebrity endorsers. Although this is educational to those learning about these problems for the first time I find it to slightly problematic as the celebrity can at times overshadow the idea. Despite this I still find it helpful to the cause as I found the Rittel-Webber reading. Personally I love the way it argued the idea of planning problems to be wicked problems! I found myself reflecting on my own past and how even I did that on a small scale. With a paradigm is is more of the beliefs of the collective as a whole. Where as our self-narrative is on the individual level, but in order to bring about change we must become confident in those beliefs and become brave enough to go against the collective thought and vocalize the issues. We must continue to break from those problems, so that the next generation can do even better than we had even believed. Through intergenerational responsibility we can practice meeting our needs without comprimising those of generations to come in attempt that we slowly become more sustainable. This starts with becoming future conscious. I believe that Fast Fashion is huge problem that faces the Fashion Industry on all fronts. It has taken over the Industry and forced brands to mass produce and switch out trends even faster. The problem is that there is no immediate solution as fast fashion brands influence buyers and those buyers influence the industry, it becomes an ongoing cycle. But it doesn’t end there as fast fashion can be harmful to not only the environment but people as well. It is wicked because no matter how hard we try this isn’t a cycle we will end even in the next couple of decades. 

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