The wicked world we live in

              The wicked problems of today’s world are more then we will ever be able to talk about. In class this week we talk about the wicked problems in this world and how there is never a true answer to fixing one. The world has so many different wicked problems that it is not even funny. We will always study and try to learn what we can do to try and fix the problems but if we are being honest there will never be a true answer on how to fix them. Getting to learn about all the wicked problems and how they affect us and what’s going on in the world with activity’s we did was so fun to learn from.

              The 11th hr. made me really open my eyes to what is going on with the world. The fires burning down forest and the pollution that is destroying the air we are breathing. The wicked problems we discuss by them self’s compared to how they were in the 11th hr. they were not the same. The movie puts them more into concept with what is going on in this world. The number one thing that stood out to me was the tornados and how there is know way to stop them from happing and destroying our lives. They just are big wrecking balls that you can’t stop and make them go away.

              Sustainability makes ways to keep a wicked problem from getting bigger or making it to ere you can try to fix them. The world is so full of problems that trying to figure out a way to slow them down is very interesting to learn. I want to learn more on how these things happen and what makes them so wicked. Facing these problems is always going to be a hard thing to face straight on. So many people  have tried to approach them in different ways which is why you will never know which is a wright or wrong way to do it.

              The generation growing up now is going to have to deal with the problems that are happening in this world. We are trying to make it where they don’t have to deal with them at all but there is know true way of trying to make it were they don’t have to. Trying to make everything perfect for the world is never going to be an easy task but we will try and figure out a way to do this and make the world a better place.

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