The world: an evolving wicked problem

If every problem has a direct solution, how would people be able to express their creativity, voice, beliefs, values, truth; Especially in the world we live in today. Issues with no solutions cause more interest of conflict, but result in conversation along with people talking about the issue at hand. Communication between groups of people is so important to really understand the issue and find a solution, but what happens to the problems that are currently unsolvable. When first hearing the word wicked, I automatically think dark. Dark in away where it is either dangerous, evil, or even immoral. I have always imagined wicked to be someone that causes harm to one rather that be verbal or physical. But I never really thought about wicked in a way where problems were unsolveable due to the formula of the issue.  With the word wicked it just describes a problem that even the smartest people in the world cannot even solve. What a wicked problem. 

Before this week, I was unaware of wicked problems let alone the true meaning for a problem to be wicked. I always had questions on why a problem was created but no solution is ever discovered. With this being said, I am now able to form a direct definition of a wicked problem. A wicked problem is ultimately a problem that is simply has no solution.  For example, in the 11th hour documentary, a huge chunk of the video expressed how climate change is a major issue with no solution. With climate change, many people who are studying the subject expressed different views and how the earth is becoming toxic. Even some scientist described planet earth as an infected organism (11th hour). Why is it that our world is so beautiful and beautifully created but we as humans strip away the beauty everyday. This question is one that has many factors including climate change, fossil fuels, waste, pollution but a soluion to sustain the health of planet earth is still being discovered, if it ever gets discovered. 

            In this week reading, it further questions wicked problems and how problems can be determined as wicked problems. What stood out to me the most while reading was some of the points made on why a wicked problem can be determined as wicked. These points included: there is no definitive formulation of a wicked problem and every wicked problem can be considered to be a symptom of another problem. Rather a problem is solveable or not, a nother problem to the solution occurs. So it is a never ending problematic issue that keeps evolving. With the fashion industry, we are always struggling with the wicked problem of sustainability. Yes, some products are able to be broken down, by many items in the fashion industry are terrible for the environment. I believe that sustainability in the fashion industry will never go away and will continue to evolve as more proucts are manufactured. This is something that I personally want to research and get a better understanding on how materials are made and what goes into produced materials that makes them unstainable. Maybe, just maybe if I had an understanding one day I could help with sustainability efforts in the United States specifically. 

            Overall, this week left me with a better understanding of wicked problems in our extrodinary world. I can not beleve that the human speies has had such a negative impact on our environment. Planet earth is a beautiful creation and the fact that humans have deteroiated the beauty of it is sad to hear. I hope that one day efforts from future leaders can figure out an end to even the most wicked problems. I have faith that we can eventually do it, but time is essential. Lets all do better as humans and take better care of our earth, so it can continue to shine bright.

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