What Makes Climate Change A Wicked Problem

When I think of climate change, it is astonishing to me how it is one of the most pressing issues we face yet it seems to be the least talked about. It sticks out to me because it isn’t a problem that just a few countries face, or maybe a single race or gender, but it is a problem that all of humanity is facing. Climate change is the long-term change in weather patterns. This is caused by things like the emissions of greenhouse gases, the use of fossil fuels, deforestation, and more. Although it has been slowly happening over millions of years, the industrialization of our lifestyle has dramatically sped up the process.  

Before this class, I was unaware of what a wicked problem was and why they were so important. A wicked problem is a complex issue with many solutions and long-term effects. Climate change fits this description because there is not one known solution on how we can stop it. It’s a pressing issue that needs to be addressed immediately, and solutions must be put into place before being able to see if they will even work. When it comes to climate change, there is no option for trial and error, as all imposed solutions will cause some sort of chain reaction with the possibility of new problems. Climate change is also caused by many other issues like mentioned above. All of these characteristics make up the wicked problem that is climate change. 

I strive to learn more about how we as humans can help fix climate change. It makes me wonder, can any wicked problem ever be truly fixed, or is the damage irreversible? I think the most important matter in this issue is time, and we must act immediately to start taking care of our planet.

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