Wicked Problems and How to Solve Them

Before starting this class I wasn’t sure what a wicked problem was. I knew about climate issues and sustainability were but not the in depths measures of it. Now I know that a wicked problem is something that involves our Earth and requires urgent attention. A wicked problem isn’t just a person problem but it also involves big companies and the government chooses how to deal with wicked problems. 

World population is one wicked problem we are dealing with today. With over 7 billion people in the world right now, population is becoming an issue. This has caused China to only allow one child per household. This issue also affects deforestation and the extinction of some animals. This is just one problem were dealing with worldwide. There are many wicked problems though that needs to be solved. Another problem that we deal with is fast fashion and the process of throwing out clothes. So many clothes fill up our landfill and cause so much waste when in reality we could be giving them away like donating to charity or selling them on the Internet but also buying from others as well. There are so many online thrift shops now a days like Depop and Poshmark where you can buy second hand to help save the environment and also getting good prices on clothes you may spend a lot of money on. 

In the 11th hour documentary, they talk about how the industrial revolution has changed the environment in so many different ways. Obviously, they had no idea what problems that this would cause. It has caused air pollution, a population boom, and people began using the Earth as a resource rather than a home we live on. It turned people to not looking about what the Earth provides naturally for us but instead we use the Earth as a minefield and it is slowly giving out. We are not one with nature anymore but instead living as two separate beings. We are the only species that takes from the Earth. Just changing being ignorant can help these problems and also help reduce climate change. 

After the first couple lectures on this class I have really comprehended the concept of wicked problems and what they are. They might be hard to solve but it is not truly impossible. If everyone puts a little effort in trying to protect the environment like shopping sustainably or second hand, or using metal straws to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean that is killing the marine life we could fully restore these problems. 

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