A Wicked World

A wicked problem is something that is taking charge over the earth and the environment that is disrupting the natural and effective properties that we live within. I believe in sustainability because I trust that this earth is deserving of respect. Although we have the opportunity to enjoy the conveniences of developing products all over the world, I understand that these products are not a benefit to the earth, but only the humans that inhabit it. The development of plastic, water waste, chemicals involved in the making and other factors that play into the downsides of the industries that keep many families and businesses afloat are detrimentally affecting the earth and its atmosphere. Although, I do not believe that overpopulation is considered a wicked problem, I do think that we overuse these easily accessible products. I think that rather than worrying about overpopulation, we should be working towards ways to make better products that are not harming the environment and are able to be recycled for easy decomposition by using more green components. 

I want to see a cleaner earth. I want to see cleaner oceans that are safer for people and wildlife all together.  Even if plastic is still a widely used material, I would like to see it and other trash decomposed properly. The waste that clogs the streets and ditches seems like such an easy fix, but will not be resolved if there are not moves made to resolve these issues.I hope to see in the future movements made that benefit the earth, its atmosphere, and everything that inhabits it.

The 11th hour documentary helped me to see the changes to the earths that have been long overlooked, but are now being brought to the attention of many. It was also helpful to read the Rittel-Webber document and understand that taking a stand for something is beneficial especially when a large group of people is banding together for a productive cause. 

I hope to be an asset to those working to create a safer and more welcoming environment by discovering alternative ways to make products while attaining a sustainable outlook. 

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