History Repeating Itself

The Easter Island read was very fascinating as it can be seen prophetically, a warning sign to humanity to not let history repeat itself on a much larger scale. Unfortunately, we are on route to history repeating itself at this rate despite cries for the contrary. The demise of Rapa Nui can be attributed to an extent with ego and greed as those characteristics led to an overconsumption of resources to demonstrate an excess of pride with Ahus between factions. I believe that those characteristic flaws are still very much present today with the elite and that ultimately the wheels run in the wrong direction at the top level since exploitation of all kinds is still extremely common. A sustainable issue that I have been looking into has been fast fashion. I have yet to pick a specific area of fast fashion to focus on but I’ve learned a lot the past 2 weeks on the overall impact of fast fashion and how it was an instilled practice / mentality that wasn’t always the norm. I’ve learned how damaging textiles are to the environment and how consuming the entire apparel supply chain is, from water consumption, energy usage and waste pollution. In the wildest activity worksheet we discussed these issues in terms of the companies responsible, and how we believe that they aren’t being held accountable for their impact. We discussed how better policy and stricter regulation would be an efficient solution to minimize the usage of harmful chemicals, lessen waste disposal in water systems, and shrinking emissions. Stricter policy would also force companies to be more innovative, which could lead to discovery of future solutions or progress.

I definitely have a gripe for fast fashion that goes beyond sustainability. Fast fashion advocates quantity over quality by nature and I believe in the opposite principal. Good quality / design can’t be made overnight and over saturation of the market drags the quality of fashion as a whole down. I feel like the most powerful thing I can strive to do is to influence the industry to minimize the number of yearly fashion cycles back to 2-4 and keep that at a norm across the market. However, change starts at the lowest level and dialogue about issues is a strong starting point. I feel like my practices haven’t changed too much but I continue to recycle and keep driving to a minimum. I do think that I’ve been bringing up these issues in dialogue more and have been able to hold some strong conversation with close ones about these Wicked problems.

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