The Longterm Effects of Easter Island

After reading Easter Island, I found this reading to be very interesting and was fascinated on how there were few to no resources on the island.  I found this article to be very eye opening and was fascinated on how there were few to no resources on the island. I realized how important it truly is to take care of the land and resources around you. This plays a major role in the fashion industry and in my wicked problem topic. I learned that once the people on the island cut down the trees and killed the animals, that they were unable to get those resources back. I then thought about my topic and how once our landfills fill up, we will be unable to get rid of our trash. I learned how it is important to look after our surroundings and be sure that you are doing your part in keeping this world clean for the future generations to come. With that being said, I have seen some changes in my classmates’ waste patterns and  in their paradigm, especially in my fashion sewing class. I have noticed that we have had more people going through our scrap bucket and using the fabric from that bucket to make their samples with. This has always been something that I disliked about my major was when we would have projects there would be so much waste in fabric after we finished. One way that I would like to change this issue is by trying to have more people use their leftover scraps for their sample projects. I have also been recycling all of my paper from past assignments and old printouts. I have definitely seen a slight change in my paradigm and am more aware of the ways I can help make a difference. When we broke up in class into our groups for the responsibility mapping activity, my group discussed how to change peoples paradeins and ways we thought could help solve our wicked problems. Through our group discussion I learned that fast fashion plays a major role in my wicked problem. I learned that I wanted to add a section in my paper how fast fashion encourages people to buy the new trends because they will be left out if they don’t. 

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