What Goes Around, Comes Around

Everyone knows the quote “what goes around, comes around”. This meaning, what has happened in the past, will usually make a repeat of itself. I have never known the history behind Easter Island until I read the article by Clive Ponting “A New Green History of the World”, and what I ready about was shocking to me. Easter Island was first inhabited by Polynesians, where they lived off this already scarce island. From what we know, these people were incredibly intelligent. They created these huge, beautiful statues and was able to transport them all around the island. This is pretty impressive when you realize that there were at least 600 statues located around the island, being as large as 6 meters high. As time passed through, more settlers were joined on the island taking a turn for the worst. A war started between these two groups over the lack of resources they had, resulting to cannibalism amongst each other. Eventually Easter Islands population declined at a high rate and Chili took over the island, taking some of the people into slavery and letting a small handful stay on the island. It is interesting to think about how this all started. Because of a lack of natural resources, these people eventually had to take extreme and barbaric measures. If we look at today’s society, we are in a way heading down the same line. We are wasting a lot of our natural resources and demanding an overexaggerated amount of them. What I think would be that the history of Easter Island is a warning to us. Yes, we may be handling it better than how they did, but we are still heading down this path. It is not too late to change this. We can make better decisions together to avoid a tragic ending. Using reusable water bottles and straws, avoid using paper when it is unnecessary and only fishing the amount, we need are all ways we can do to help save some of our natural resources. 

In the fashion industry, the amount of clothes and fabric that the industry just throws away is crazy. It is known that on average a person throws away eighty-one pounds worth of clothes per year. These textiles and clothes end up in landfills, polluting our planet. I hate the fact that many people get rid of so many clothes just by throwing them away. I wish everyone could find a new way to use or get rid of the clothing. Some ideas could be giving them to Good-Will, upcycling them, or even shredding them to create new textiles. By doing this we can lower the amount of fabric and textiles going into the landfill and help keep the planet clean. I have noticed that after I watched the 11thhour documentary and reading a couple different articles on saving natural resources and sustainability, I have realized that have started to only use my reusable water bottle to lower my plastic usage. I also have started taking notes on my iPad rather than using paper to lower my paper usage. I am going to continue to find new ways to lower my carbon footprint. 

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