Will We Repeat The Cycle?

Easter Island could be a perfect example of what could potentially happen with the world. If you have not heard of Easter Island’s history, I would highly recommend doing some research on it. This island was once home to a working and thriving community. They were able to create over 600 giant statues over six meters high and transport them to different parts of the small island. Unfortunately, a lack of resources resulted in a quick downfall to the civilization. Quickly deteriorating, they resorted to cannibalism to fight the war of starvation. Eventually, the civilization was lost to the world. If we are not careful, we could repeat history and eventually strip away the resources the world has kindly provided for us. It is hard to imagine that we could run out of resources in the world. However, today we are doing things like overfishing, causing a chain reaction under the water.

Another example is deforestation. Deforestation is when trees are permanently removed for construction, grazing, or using the timber for fuel. In 2017 a report was sent out that said about 61,000 square miles of forests were gone. The extinction of individual animals, trees, plants is just a few effects of deforestation. Two big problems that need to be fixed. Of course, that is no easy task, but we could drastically change things if we collectively attempt to fix these problems. 

As an Apparel Design student, I am aware of the impact the fashion industry has on the world. As one of the most polluting industries in the world, some significant changes need to be made. Already in the process of changing to a more sustainable industry. Today many designers are using sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and organic silk. Another thing that has become popular is using natural dyes. The apparel industry is known for its dyes being toxic and polluting our oceans. I believe that changing to natural dyes will significantly affect the ocean’s pollution. Of course, changing the entire industry cannot be done in one night. However, making these small changes day by day is slowly reinventing the industry. Of course, we have to hold ourselves accountable too. We, as individuals, have to do our part when shopping or getting rid of things. I have noticed that I have become more aware of what I am buying and where I am buying. Buying a second hand has become very popular in today’s society, but many clothes end up in landfills. To do my part, I always donate my clothes or sell them through a second-hand shop. I have changed recently because I do not use much paper unless it is needed. The same goes for plastic water bottles. Just changing over to something as simple as using a reusable water bottle is a big help in the grand scheme of things!

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