Let’s Take Care of the Earth!!

We need to take care of our environment! This is made evident in the Easter Island as it directly shows the consequences of what happens when you don’t. They ran out of resources and even had to resort to cannibalism, which I am sure is something we do not want to have to do. We should take note of the lesson of Easter Island and strive to make sure the same thing does not happen in our society today, although we are headed down this path if we continue to use non-renewable resources that pollute our atmosphere, we should also work to protect our rainforests instead of cutting down all the trees like the polynesian on easter island such as the Amazon as it makes up the majority of our oxygen supply for the entire globe. Ways we can do this is by using renewable resources, avoiding pollutants, and overall just giving back to the environment. Whether that’s planting trees or simply picking up trash. One industry that could start avoiding waste and pollutants isthe fashion industry. If we could push for less use of harmful dyes/chemicals it would greatly reduce the negative impact this industry has on our environment. The responsibility mapping activity has to do with the different stakeholders when it comes to a wicked problem. For example, the government needs to establishes stricter guidelines for these companies polluting our oceans with dye as well as the manufacturers need to change their poor habits and care for the environment. As consumers we should also strive to buy more sustainable goods and from small business as it not only promotes the welfare of our planet but also supports someone achieving their dreams.

Did you know that plastic particles washed off from synthetic clothes contribute up to 35% of the primary plastic that is polluting our oceans? This is something that I learned when researching this wicked problem for my assignment. This is absolutely insane!! One of my dreams getting into this industry is that companies start using better materials in production and that we stop using harmful chemicals and resources in clothing. If we were able to use more sustainable resources and even repurposed materials instead of them ending up in the landfilled the amount of waste from the fashion industry would drastically decrease. I have noticed since starting this class that I feel more inclined to change my habits such as taking shorter showers to reduce the amount of water wasted as well as inform others of their impact on the environment. I have even changed some habits of my friends by teaching them the importance of taking care of our world, all thanks to this course

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