Redefine history. Don’t let history define us.

While reading the Easter Island text, I was able to relate a lot of it to potential problems to today. I thought that this story held a message behind it and opened my eyes more to resource conservation. Once long ago, this island was a thriving community. However, a series of devastating events led to the collapse of Easter Island and its natives, literally. Resources began to grow scarce and islanders looked to cannibalism as their last resort to surviving on the island. On the other hand, the island was literally deteriorating. With no trees to anchor the soil, land began to erode away and crops were suffering. The devastation of this collapsed, failed community should remind us all that it is very much so possible to run out of resources in our lifetime. If we are not careful and cautious enough with conserving what we have, someday we could find ourselves in the same position that the natives of Easter Island were in long ago. 

In interior design, there are many flaws in the industry in regards to the environment, as with most industries still today. However, one problem in specific that I would like to elaborate on is recycling old material for use in new projects, rather than sending everything to landfills. For example, we could restore and find second uses for things like old doors, window panels, cabinets, columns, etc, to be used in new renovations/projects. This would help to eliminate unneeded waste in the design industry and recycle material that still has life in it, and also keep vintage/ancient artifacts in modern interiors today as this aesthetic is growing in popularity. 

A gripe within this industry is the large aspect of waste that it holds. As humans, we naturally are wasteful given the privileges that we are granted as society: public trash services, landfills, waste management, etc. However, our planet is suffering and every action counts. In this industry, the waste count is high beyond belief. This problem can be alleviated by recycling, redefining, and giving life to old material instead of manufacturing new materials and adding the old to our landfills. Personally, I have witnessed a change within myself as I have grown more environmentally cautious. Since learning of my own carbon footprint, I have realized just how much of an impact one individual-or one household- has one our environment. I now try to incorporate eco-friendly habits into my daily life and inform my loved ones on this, as well. Although history shows that it is possible to run out of resources, we can stop this from happening and prevent that aspect of history from defining our future.

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