An Enraged Easter Island

While reading the Easter Island reading I noticed a multitude of parallels between how we are today and the way things were back then. One thing that stuck out the most to me was the deforestation of Easter Island after the dutch came and took advantage of its resources. This reminds me a lot of today how big companies will tear down forests for their own benefit with no regard for other people or the world’s resources. Although I know alot about deforestation, I don’t know a lot about water use in the fashion industry. So I am currently learning more about how much water is used in the fashion industry and what can be done to decrease that amount. Also how water gets polluted from waste produced by the fashion industry. 

One gripe we wanted to alleviate from the fashion industry was the use of plastic bags to bag goods in fashion industries. In order to solve this gripe we thought it would be reasonable to create laws and regulations that businesses had to follow that forced them to switch to paper based or reusable alternatives. Paper is a lot easier to recycle and break down than plastic, making it better for the environment. Since taking this class I have definitely thought more about the practices I have in my life and how I change them or modify them to be more sustainable. I have also shared some of the information I have learned with friends and informed them of some wicked problems our world faces today. 

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