Ask yourself Why before you Buy.

My thoughts on the Easter Island is that it only had a limited amount of resources for us humans to take and use. Even today we take all that we can use from the earth without a second thought of giving the same amount back. Personally, I believe a good lesson from the Easter Island is we should not continue abuse to the plants and animals around us. Deforestation was also a large problem on the island due to humans not setting boundaries. If us humans are more aware of our choices and how they can exercise sustainability, it would not concern future generations. Easter Island is a perfect example of what happens when we do not take care of our own environment. 

The wicked problem that I have taken interest in is Fast Fashion and how much it has troubled our planet. The new materials that newest trendy clothes are being made out of are poor. Factories are making the items at a lower price but yet the ones making these items are being paid poorly. The price change is great for some wanting to go on a shopping spree, but the lasting of the material is unwell. I think the problem needs to be fixed mainly in the factories with the labor relations. The high levels of using toxic chemicals and waste is why fast fashion has such negative effects on our environment. I have noticed a lot of business have started selling recycled jeans and workout clothes that are made by recycled materials. 

One way I know I can practice daily on living more sustainability is by making sure when I make more purchases that have large environmental benefits. Predominantly, just thinking twice when making a choice to purchase something or make an item. One easy step to living this way is to use less plastic daily. This can be practiced by using a reusable straw, using a reusable bag when going shopping, and using a waffle cone instead of a bowl when ordering ice cream. One way I have noticed that I practice this, is by using a Brita and using a reusable lululemon bag when going shopping for groceries. All together we need to take care of our environment because it depends on our choices. We need to learn how to be a thriving population without affecting our environment by making small choices towards practicing sustainability.

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