Bringing Awareness to Our Worldly Actions

The Easter Island reading helped me realize how detrimental our impacts are on the environment. The villagers demanded so much from the island and instead of fixing the way they used the resources or abused the island they continued until the island was destroyed and could no longer habitat humans. Their experience parallels to today’s society because of the demands we are putting on the world. We should learn from their mistakes and change our ways of life while we still can. This reminds me of the fast fashion industry because if these big companies don’t change the way they produce fast fashion then our environment will be irreversibly harmed. I am beginning to learn more about fast fashion and its harmful CO2 emissions, but am still learning more about the massive amounts of water, energy, and nonrenewable resources being used to produce these clothes. I have also learned more about the workers of fast fashion and how their working conditions are unsuitable and are being underpaid.

A gripe my group had talked about throughout the fashion industry was the use of fabrics that cannot decompose. We came up with two ideas that could help alleviate the problem the first one being that dumpsters could be placed in every neighborhood so people can drop off their old clothes so the fabrics can be reused for new clothes. The second idea was that the fashion industry has rules that all clothes must be created with materials that are decomposable. This class has helped me make changes in my everyday practices. I have always thrifted but now I am doing it a lot more and convincing my friends to come with me so we can stay sustainable. I have also made sure to start cutting my carbon footprint down by talking with my family and using less resources around my house and apartment. 

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