Can We Change/ and HOW Can We Change?

 Easter Island is a remote island off the coast of Chile in South America. It was discovered by the Dutch on Easter Sunday in 1722. The world can learn a great lesson from Easter Island. When the Dutch came, they saw the island had few resources yet the people of the island were still able to survive and thrive off of what little they had. After seeing this, other foreigners were curious about the island and went to visit over a period of time. The island natives were discovered to be originally polynesian travellers on an expedition. The visitors of the island took over and made them slaves. Their new job was to clear the island of trees to make room for houses, cooking, and building materials. Over time, the island could not produce enough trees at the rate they were being chopped down. Soon, Easter Island was wiped clear of all its trees and the people could no longer survive there. 

The history of Easter Island poses a threatening question: can we continue to survive on the resources we depend on today? Our world as a whole has limited resources that are depleting at an alarming rate. Taking a look at what happened on Easter Island, it creates a fear that this could happen again at an even larger scale. If we continue to waste our resources, the same effects of Easter Island will affect the entire world. 

The answer to this question depends on if we can change, and how quickly it can happen. The planet will not be able to keep up like this forever. Think of the future generations that will be forced to live in a disgusting environment because we failed to help our planet heal from hundreds of years of environmental abuse. Those generations will suffer a lot worse than we are now. Finding ways to reuse our resources will help us in the long run. I think that reusable items are an incredibly helpful way to start thinking of a sustainable future now. I like to practice buying multiple use items rather than single use ones. For example: rather than using paper plates in your dorm, find plates that you like and can wash on your own. I also like to use a metal water bottle rather than buying water bottles every time I need a drink. Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

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