Don’t Let History Repeat Itself

Doesn’t this story seem a little too familiar? I had heard of the Easter Island story last semester but never really got to dig deep into it till now. I never thought of how sustainability played a huge role into this reading, even though there isn’t much of it in Easter Island. This story is very relatable to the environment we are living in today. Knowing this information about Easter Island, it allowed me have a better understanding of why sustainability is so difficult to obtain for mankind.

            Something that the people who lived on Easter Island went through was deforestation which is something that we still go through to this day and that doesn’t sit right with me. Learning from the mistakes of the past doesn’t seem to be a common thing in this world. The recourses the people of the island had were gone as fast as they appeared, which was the result of overusing the resources they had and soon led to a tremendous decline in population. This reading is one that could really open society’s eyes to how much the world overuses our recourses in the present.

            With all of this being discussed it has allowed me to learn more about the wicked problem I want to pursue. Homelessness is a result of a lack of sustainability, which is ultimately a domino effect. What I have learned is that without sustainability things will be somewhat okay for a while but eventually it will crash and burn just like Easter Island.

            A dream I have for the field of study I’m in is to eliminate all of fast fashion. In my group the other day we all shared ways of ending this and ways to not let it happen. So much material is wasted every day and creating products that are not harmful to the environment is something that would be able to eliminate waste and things that are unhealthy. My biggest gripe about the fashion industry is all the waste that comes with it.

            Since being educated on these wicked problems in the industry I would like to have a career in one day, I have changed ways of shopping for myself. Sometimes I will shop on a website called Shein. This online shop is very popular for their reasonable prices, but you really are getting what you pay for. The materials they use are incredibly bad for the environment, so I have not bought anything from that store since learning about these problems. If we don’t stop this hurtful cycle, it is going to catch up with us and one-way or another history will repeat itself.

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